CBD Dog Treats: From One Friend to Another

CBD Dog Treats
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Every dog owner knows what it means to have someone who trusts you totally. Your furry friend looks up at you, wagging its tail, and you see that absolute adoration and trust.

It is on the basis of this that we want to look at CBD for dogs treats and how good they are for our canines. Hopefully, it will help fix the fears and concerns surrounding them.

A Critique of Scientific Findings of CBD

Cannabidiol has been used and is still being used, by some owners of canines to treat different ailments that have to do with the endocannabinoid system. Some of the ailments are anxiety, panic, stress, chronic pain, seizures, and even osteopathic arthritis.

Learn more about osteopathic arthritis by clicking https://www.arthritis.org/diseases/osteoarthritis if you suspect your pet has it.

But there are more owners leaning towards not using it than there are ready-to-use it. And this is because of the fear of adverse reactions to it or even death.

Let us discuss the fears of these owners that the scientific findings of CBD’s non-psychoactive effect are false.

The main concern is that it is from the same source as THC. But THC is psychoactive while cannabidiol is non-psychoactive.

Now, this is the puzzle: how is it possible for two substances, each with an attribute contradicting that of the other, to come from one source?

So, let us critically examine the same scientific findings of CBD with the intention of showing how this is possible on the basis of Heraclitus’ principle of the co-instantiation of opposites.

Justifying the Fears of Dog Owners

CBD Treats Rescued

Here, the stress is laid upon the possibility of harm. There may actually be no harm in giving these treats to your dog. But the mere fact that you are skeptical about the safety of your dog ingesting the treat means you need your fears allayed.

Because of the makeup of cannabidiol, humans could react adversely to it. The same is true for canines. Even though dog owners who have used it on their pets for relief of aches and pains have reported no adverse effect, it still remains to be seen if the same is true for all of them.

However, there are medically approved and legal medications for dogs that have some side effects. Yet they are still in use. Why is this different?

If you find that cannabidiol will give your friend much-needed relief, without any real threat to its life, would you deny it the relief?

While your fears are justified – we all know how a bad reaction to THC can be detrimental to mental health – dog owners who delay the use of CBD until they are sure the lives of their pets are not in danger could be jeopardizing lives.

In other words, dog owners’ rejection of CBD on the basis of their fear concerning the psychoactive effect of the substance may be unfounded. Click here to read more on CBD for dogs and how it works.

Heraclitus’ Principle of the Co-instantiation of Opposites

This fear concerning the integrity of CBD dog treats can, however, be allayed.

This is because we have excavated the ancient principle of reality by which we can measure the veracity of the scientific claims about the fact that though THC and CBD are of the same source, they can very well be of opposite attributes.

Heraclitus was an ancient Greek philosopher who believes that everything is in constant flux.

For him, what makes everything to be in constant flux is the fact that every substance is composite. Each substance is composed of what it is and what it is not. This is what is known as the co-instantiation of opposites.

CBD Treats Rescued

Since, according to Heraclitus, two substances, one psychoactive and the other non-psychoactive, can come from the same source, then the basis for the doubt that cannabidiol is non-psychoactive crumbles.

In fact, going by the Heraclitean principle of co-instantiation of opposites, it is even impossible for both to be psychoactive. Thus, since THC is psychoactive, only one slot remains for CBD with its non-psychoactive attribute.

Now You Can Give Your Dog a Treat

CBD dog treats can come in the form of biscuits. These come with some tastes and flavors that are appealing to dogs.

There are many stores where you can find such treats and even oils suitable for your canine friend. You can go to holistapet to know more about sellers that offer organic treats, in the event your dog is allergic to anything.


It is true that there are already ongoing research into this field. However, more researches need to be done in order to make sure there is absolutely no side effect of cannabidiol on dogs.

When that has been achieved, the producers of these treats would require the right publicity to help them to rescue the reputation of cannabidiol treats.

Finally, the relevant regulation concerning the use of the product would need to be revised. This way, there will be a wider acceptance of the products and producers will have the freedom to openly market their products without fear of sanctions.


Granted, CBD dog treats are acclaimed to be for the physical and mental wellness of the dog.

While this is true for the most part, if dog owners don’t feel comfortable enough to use them, the point becomes moot.

Therefore, given the present skepticism surrounding the medical uses of cannabis, cannabidiol treats should be approached only when other conventional avenues have been exhausted, and only after discussing it with a veterinarian.

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