CBD Tincture vs. Oil: Which Is the Best Option for You?

CBD Tincture vs. Oil
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If you search for CBD oil, you may find information about a CBD tincture and vice versa. This happens so often that many customers believe they are the same thing. Certainly, there are plenty of similarities, so it is an easy mistake.

Both products are consumed sublingually. This means you place the liquid beneath your tongue and hold it there for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. Whether you buy a CBD oil or CBD tincture product, the bottle will likely have a dropper to help you measure the dosage.

However, when buying a CBD tincture 100mg, it is important to know how to differentiate it from CBD oil. This article shows you how.

What is a CBD Tincture?

A genuine ‘tincture’ is an herbal extract suspended in alcohol rather than oil. The unregulated nature of the industry is perhaps why so many CBD tinctures are classified as CBD oils. Manufacturers use high-proof alcohol as a solvent to extract cannabinoids and other compounds from hemp.

Proponents of this extraction method point out that it protects the CBD tincture against oxidation. However, the process involves plenty of filtration and refinement. Consequently, you may get a bitter taste from the product.

Fortunately, CBD sellers have found ways to improve the taste. Typically, they add flavors and sweeteners. Ideally, the flavoring will be natural, but sometimes, brands use artificial ingredients.

What is a CBD Oil?

A CBD oil combines CBD extracted from hemp and a carrier oil like olive oil or MCT oil. Typically, manufacturers extract various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the plant material. Next, they mix the compounds with carrier oil. This happens when the CBD brand sells a full-spectrum (maximum of 0.3% THC) or broad-spectrum (no THC) option.

While the result is less bitter than a CBD tincture, companies sometimes add flavors or sweeteners to improve the taste of the CBD oil.

Which is Better: CBD Oil or a CBD Tincture?

Which is Better: CBD Oil or a CBD Tincture

We can’t give a definitive answer because both options can be effective if the compounds are extracted from high-quality hemp. The main differences between the products are the base ingredient and production process.

You must decide which one is best for your specific needs. For instance, CBD oil with MCT oil is a bad option if you are allergic to coconut. Therefore, you either need to find a product with olive oil or select a CBD tincture. If you want to steer clear of alcohol, CBD oil is the obvious choice.

What you’ll find is that CBD oils tend to contain fewer ingredients than tinctures. This could make them a better option if you have certain allergies.

How to Take a CBD Oil and a CBD Tincture

The good news is that you can consume both products similarly. To use either option, place a few drops beneath your tongue, hold them there for 60-90 seconds, and swallow. This is sublingual consumption, which is believed to offer a higher absorption rate than oral consumption. This is because the cannabinoid absorbs through mucous membranes beneath the tongue. By doing this, CBD avoids the digestive process.

While some users suggest they feel effects within 20 minutes, it can take over an hour for a user to notice something. There is also a suggestion that CBD tinctures offer quicker and more efficient absorption. However, there isn’t anywhere near enough evidence to substantiate that claim.

It is possible to apply CBD oil topically; this means rubbing it into your skin. However, doing the same with a CBD tincture is a waste of time as it has no effect.

Final Thoughts on the CBD Tincture Versus CBD Oil Debate

Ultimately, there is no clear ‘winner’ in this particular duel. Whether you want a tincture or an oil depends on your specific needs. Proponents of CBD oil say that when CO2 extraction is used, the product is the cleanest and purest cannabidiol around. Defenders of CBD tinctures suggest that it is a more efficient extraction process.

In any case, one of the most important considerations is the quality of the hemp used. If a brand uses low-grade hemp, it doesn’t matter if you buy a CBD oil or a CBD tincture; the product won’t have the desired effects. 

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