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If you want to add a little bling to your lips, then you should pick up a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick.

This is a lip liner that goes on smoothly, sticks to your lips without bleeding and comes in many colors so you can choose the shade that goes with your natural skin tone.

It is also very affordable, making it a great gift idea. So, if you want to look your best, this might be a good choice.


1. Charlotte Tilbury Sheer Max Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Sheer Max Lipstick

If you want something that will make your lips look plump and full, then you should pick up a Charlotte Tilbury Sheer Max Lipstick. This is a lipstick that leaves your lips feeling full and pouty. It has the color of your lips and comes in a sheer medium color. You can wear this alone or under a darker lipstick to create a dramatic look.

If you are not sure which shade you want to try first, then you might want to go with a Lipstick basis. This is a pink lipstick that is light but does not have a lot of color to it. It comes in a lighter shade of pink and is a very pretty color on anyone’s lips. You can wear this alone for a natural look or you can also get a darker shade and wear it under a darker lipstick to create a more dramatic look.


2. Lipstick By Lynn

Lipstick By Lynn

You can find a Lipstick by Lynn from Baked Fish when you visit their website. This is a pretty soft pink lipstick that is not very noticeable on most people’s lips. If you have extremely sensitive skin and want a lipstick that won’t cause irritation, then you might want to try this.


3. Lipstick By Pamela Anderson

Lipstick By Pamela Anderson

Last but not least, you can also choose a Lipstick by Pamela Anderson. This is a beautiful, natural-looking color. It comes in a light pink color that is almost similar to the shade of sky blue that is normally seen on actress Jennifer Garner. You can wear this color any time you would like to and it looks fantastic on almost any lip.


4. Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

All in all, there are many different Lipstick by Lisa Eldridge that you can choose from. These lip colors are designed for those who have extremely sensitive lips and need to have lips that won’t cause them pain or irritation. When you get home and apply your own lipstick, you will notice how beautiful your lips look.

If you are a woman who loves to spend time looking good and feeling good, then you definitely need to have a few Lisa Eldridge Lipstick in your locker!

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