Changes in TVB Dramas

TVB Dramas

Nothing beats the over-the-top triangles, dramatic deaths, funny caricature villains, and nightmare in-laws in TVB dramas. The exaggeration and easily predictable twists of turns of talents make watching a good experience. Examples of TVB drama characters include Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Maggie Cheung, Wong Kar-wai, and Chow Yun-fat.

Although TVB drama may not be your forte, ensure that you have tried to watch alluring TVB dramas. Many people grew up watching TVB drama movies and series produced by Hong Kong television due to its great productions. TVB dramas were best received locally and in the neighboring Asian countries. TVB dramas ensured that there were common actors, actresses, and shows that every person used to know.


Ratings of TVB Dramas

TVB Dramas

In 2016, there were disappointing ratings of a TVB drama series where the producer at TVB blamed the viewers. He indicated that viewers were falling behind the times. However, this was not true because the production should have stuck with the old formula, which has excellent outcomes and viewership. The old formula was a key player both in Hong Kong and the region at large.

The changing times have significantly caused a change of taste and preference of viewers, eluded in TVB. Popular programs, mostly TVB drama series that once had a large viewership, have decreased in the current years, as seen in the rating charts. TVB is not the only service provider in Hong Kong. It has been confused and emphasized by the constantly changing consumer trends, which are impacted by confused economic, social, and political fronts.

Thus, the change in taste and preference has led to searching for a suitable theme in TVB dramas that will drive home the intended messages. But, this has been in vain. In the past, TVB was widely admired because of its success and since it served as the most trustworthy reference to the taste of customers.

In the past, for you to know what Hong Kong people were like in the 1980s, all you needed to do was watch TVB drama series produced at the time.

An individual who lived through the 1980s would readily identify the characters in the TVB dramas. Furthermore, the person would know that they would have talked and acted the same as the script under similar circumstances, even though not as dramatic.

Some programs were produced by Radio Television Hong Kong, which makes reruns in one of the channels in the station. For example, one of the drama series is about the life of an average family of four who reside in a housing estate. Watching the drama offers insights to a foreigner who has visited Hong Kong. Since it makes the viewer understand the localism of the place.


1. The Success of Past TVB Dramas

The success of the past TVB dramas is owed to the massive efforts spent in market research. For example, TVB used to send its team regularly to research low-cost housing estates and middle-class residential places to determine the programs’ reaction. This was critical since it helped to understand and examine the latest consumer trends.

The research findings were shared by the scriptwriters, management, and producers and used in the programs. These efforts were essential to the viewers as they supported TVB in overcoming challenges.


2. Recommendation to TVB

Young viewers prefer using their phones to watch programs rather than sit in front of a television set. However, the most crucial part is the content produced and not the delivery channel. Therefore, there is a need to establish different channels to ensure that prospective viewers are reached.

TVB should go back to its roots and ensure that the production of programs is in line with prospective viewers. TVB should also address the concerns of potential viewers.

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