China’s More Than 2 Crore Sim Cards Blocked


Why China’s more than 2 crores People’s sim blocked? Till 26th march, corona infected people is 4.57 Lacks and more than 21 thousands died.

One third of worlds population is in lockdown. And Where this disease start, China, total infected are 81285 and 3287 people died.

China is in recovery mode and all things going easy like before, Lockdown is also closed in “Wuhan City”, where this disease born.

Many Questions Are Arising:

  1. China Hides The True Values(Counting) Of Peoples That Are Died By Corona?
  2. Is There More Than 2 Crore People Died In China?
  3. Is China Made – “CoronaVirus”?

Last 3 months, more than 2 crore sim cards are blocked in china and more than 8 Lack 40 Thousand Landline Phones are blocked. These calculations are provided by china’s Wireless Career companies.

People are corelated these 2 points that more than 2 crore sim card locked, So number of died people is more than 21000 that is announced by China.

On the other hand – China launced an app – “Close Contact Detector” on 11 Feb, which trace your history and enables that if you are in contact of any corona suffered people. This App is Very Useful For Goverment To trace People Sufferd From Corona.

So here question arises that is china mudered these people or not?

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