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Taking selfies is a great thing. The way that you composed this inquiry on the web demonstrates that you know about the buzz that is flowing in interpersonal organizations right now.

It enables us to share some cool minutes. Obviously, You just share what you accept and recount your story the most ideal way you need it told. Perhaps interesting. Possibly tasteful.

Whatever it is you need to hurl out there. The selfie pattern is enormous. In this way, you might want to know who Dorian Rossini is and what individuals do to have a selfie with him. All solutions to your inquiries are in this article.


A run-of-the-mill point he bestows to Mickaël Vendetta, past a buddy of Dorian, yet more since a particular articulation shock (we reveal you close to the completion of the area!).

In 2010, he made a blog that accomplished 3 million points of view and is particularly powerful on relational associations. He is a producer and DJ. One can plainly hear his chambers, (made autonomous from any other person, missing many wonders), Itunes, and Deezer.

This youthful individual has an extreme love for himself and is faultless. He has a fondness for unlawful association with Elodie, a contender on the show “Who Needs to Marry My Kid? While purporting to have swinger affinities. In his additional time, he takes himself for the revival of God (such an incredible add-up to do).


Rossini is a famous French dancer and music artist. In the music world, Rossini is known for his albums, Religion and Starmania, his two that have performed quite well, not just in France but globally also.

During the 2012 Season 5 of Angels, a show that targeted a young audience, Rossini appeared for the occasion naked. Yes, you read that right – naked. That was before he was later thrown out after he tried to force his way into the castle of Star Academy Los Angeles.

In another very controversial social media post, Rossini shared a nude picture of himself on the eve of January 1, 2013. All these controversies made Rossini very famous, seeing him gain followers on social media to hit 60,000 on Facebook and 140,000 on Twitter.


Rossini got massive social media fame after he had an interview with Youtuber Jeremster. The interview took place by JEREMSTAR in an episode of LaConciergerie and was conducted with both Rossini and Jeremster in a bathtub. That interview would turn out to be the real “reincarnation” of Rossini’s fame.



We, by and large, find him on his Youtube channel where he makes his accounts … It is other than having made this request in an exhibition that the wonder Dorian Rossina was imagined … what’s more, that it had completed his association with Mickaël Vendetta.

Resulting in putting on YouTube a catch where he asserted to be God and be faultless, the youthful individual injury up in the city and made the sleeve to buy chemicals (well, he could build the completions of bread, by then wash the hair was dynamically basic … ).


Question-1. Hello Dorian, what do you want to do in your future Pro?

Answer: As you can see I go everywhere on TV and I reincarnate God I have 0 limits and I prove them. Many other wonderful things about me happened as well as my album Religion coming out in January I continue to do what I do so that all the protectors see that I am unique myself the reincarnation of God already I come there is a cinema In December in the film 16 years or so I dance at a party and I continue to make my buzz.

Question-2. What do you like as a kind of music?

Answer: I like all kinds of music.

Question-3. Where do you get this idea of ​​” Reincarnation of Gods”?

Answer: Well, I am the reincarnation of God the creator of the universe.

Question-4. A message for the people who support you?

Answer: Continue to support me and to pray for me morning noon and night Despite all insults and death threats I will not let anything

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