Debt Snowball 101: How To Become Debt-Free

Debt Snowball 101
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Being in debt can be stressful, especially if it isn’t clear how you will pay it off. There are many options to help you get out of debt. One option is the debt snowball.

This will allow you to use all of your money to pay down the smallest debts first, unlike other methods. This is how it works.

How to Implement the Debt Snowball Method

If you have multiple debts, they will be arranged in order of the smallest first until you reach your largest debt.

Make a debt snowball spreadsheet. It will be used to create a list of all your outstanding debts, from the smallest to the largest. You can enter the total debt for each credit card account in the spreadsheet. You can also track your monthly payments and balances.


1. The Targets

Now you need to create your budget to reach them. It is necessary to establish a budget that will cover the entire cost of paying off your debt snowball. Each month, you should allocate a certain amount to your debt. The lowest balance on your list should be given the highest priority.


2. What is the process?

This entry is an example.

Debt 1 Balance: $100 with a minimum $10 payment

  • Minimum Payment: $50 (plus $40 for an additional payment). You can pay more than the minimum amount to make this debt disappear faster.

Debt 2 Balance: $200 with a minimum $30 payment

  • Minimum Payment: $30

Debt 3 Balance: $300 with a minimum of $40

  • Minimum Payment: $40

It will be paid off after two months by paying $50 per month for the smallest debt. You can then apply the $50 to the next smallest debt, and so on, until you have all your debts gone.


3. Why use the Debt Snowball Method?

You can use the snowball method to get rid of debt by focusing first on the smallest. Remember the snowball? If you keep adding more snow to the snowball, it will eventually grow. This is how you will pay off your debts. You’ll make small payments that add up to a large amount, enough to pay off the smallest debt.

This is especially beneficial if you don’t have the money to pay your debts. Instead of spending your entire paycheck on paying off one or two large debts, dedicate a portion to the smallest first. This will encourage you to pay it off, and give you the same amount of money for the next payment.


4. Keep Your Emergency Fund Separate

Why would you want to keep your emergency fund separate and apart from your debt snowball? An emergency fund is meant to be used for unanticipated events. This covers unexpected expenses such as travel costs, repairs, or other unanticipated circumstances.

It’s important to keep your emergency funds safe. If you do, it will be difficult to pay off your remaining loans.


5. How to Stay on Track

Keep your finances in check by not using your credit cards, or taking on additional debts until your snowball budget is paid off. It’s best to get rid of credit cards that you use frequently or keep them safe.

Your snowball spreadsheet will help you focus on how to cut your expenses in order to pay off your debts. Although it might seem difficult at first, you will be more motivated to finish your debts if you have a plan and a goal.


6. How to get the most out of your snowball effect

Focus on the smallest debt first. You must be organized in order to make timely payments. Every time you make a small payment, keep a goal in your mind. Note the due date and the amount that you wish to add to your snowball.

Although the debt snowball approach is simple, it takes commitment. You can become debt-free quickly if you adhere to the plan.


Last words

It is popular to use the debt snowball method to pay off your debts. This is a simple plan you can stick to. All you need are a list of your debts, a budget and monthly payments for each account.

Keep in mind that once a small balance is paid off, it will be applied to another account until the entire amount disappears!

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