Delphi Murders Leaked Texts: Abby and Libby’s Death Mystery

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts
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On February 13, 2017, two girls Abby and Libby, died mysteriously in Delphi, Indiana. Which has not been known till date. Their deaths have become subject to debate, with false rumors and accusations made regarding potential suspects.

Police revealed that their suspected killer was part of their close-knit community and this information inspired people across the internet to search for text messages that explained where two girls’ bodies had been dumped.

Who Are Abby and Libby?

Abby and Libby

Abigail and Liberty German ( 13 and 14-year-old girls ) were fast friends.

On February 13th, 2017, 13-year-old Abigail Williams (Abby) and 14-year-old Liberty German (nickname Libby) went missing while hiking near Delphi, Indiana at Monon High Bridge when they returned from school.

Their families reported them missing immediately.  

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts

Since September 2020, text messages between an unnamed individual who discovered Abby and Libby’s bodies and his friend began being shared online through a movie called “Text Messages from the Guy Who Found Abby and Libby?” which has since been seen over 18,000 times online.

Given there were supposed crime scene photos online, my friend texted David who claimed he found bodies. David however informed his friend he saw something quite different than was depicted here: he wrote back “No that isn’t her or Libby” Later, he discussed where Abby Williams’ body had been discovered at the crime scene and claimed that none of her victims had been sexually attacked; this information has yet to be made public.

He provided further insight into this crime scene including details regarding injuries suffered by all three girls at different points during their time there and noted how their texts haven’t yet been reviewed as this process may take time and cannot be done right now.

video of the killer in Delphi homicide investigation

Be amazed to know that Libby German recorded video footage when her killer followed both Abby and Libby across a bridge, according to investigators he is believed by all as being one and said “Guy downhill”. From this short video clip alone investigators created two composite sketches from evidence found.

Alongside videos of evidence being shown at trial, text messages regarding it were also widely distributed online and considered crucial pieces of evidence within this case. They indicated some hidden pieces that have yet to be brought out into the open.

Sketch Of the Person who Killed both Girls


Since Libby German and Abby Williams’ deaths years ago, no suspect has been apprehended. The FBI believes their suspect is likely between 5’6” to 5’8” tall; on the day of their killings, he wore a blue jacket and jeans.

In April 2019 a sketch was made public of an individual whom police suspect of living or working in Delphi, Indiana, and knowing the Monon High Bridge. No further information regarding his appearance has been made public by police. Police claim the killer left tangible proof as well as sketches; people also reported finding strangeness around the crime scene and it is strangely located.

In February 2020 – three years since their killing – no news conference took place to mark that occasion and investigators stated the case remains open.

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