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Discord IP Resolver
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Every device connected to the internet today possesses its unique IP address, enabling access to various online services and applications, such as Discord. Discord, a popular chat platform, is widely used by both gamers and professionals. While many people assume it’s impossible to obtain someone’s IP address through Discord due to its robust TLS security, that’s not entirely accurate. This article will shed light on how to retrieve someone’s IP address on Discord.

There are diverse scenarios where you might find it necessary to acquire someone’s IP address. It’s important to note that certain methods carry risks, as they may require the user to open a link. Whether you’re seeking to learn more about a gamer a Discord moderator, or you’re aiming to confront a potential scammer, discovering someone’s location via their IP address can be an initial step. In this guide, we will outline some legitimate techniques for tracing a Discord user.

Discord serves multiple purposes, including voice and video chats, as well as online gaming. It offers an enjoyable way to connect with new individuals and compete with friends from around the world. The need to identify a user’s IP address on Discord may arise for various reasons.

It is where a Discord IP resolver becomes relevant. A Discord IP resolver is a tool designed to determine the IP address of a Discord user, aiding in certain investigative or security-related situations.

What is Discord IP resolver?

What is Discord IP Resolver

A Discord IP resolver is a tool designed to help users identify the IP addresses of other individuals using the Discord platform. This tool establishes a connection with Discord’s servers and retrieves specific information about a targeted user, including their IP address.

The functionality of Discord IP resolvers is rooted in their utilization of Discord’s application programming interfaces (APIs). These APIs grant access to a range of data related to Discord users, servers, and channels. The Discord IP resolver tool taps into these APIs to access the required information, which is then presented to the user who initiated the request.

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There are several common use cases for employing a Discord IP resolver, including:

  • Reporting or Blocking Users: Users may use this tool to report or block other Discord users who are engaging in inappropriate or disruptive behavior.
  • Location Identification: Some individuals may want to determine the approximate location of a Discord user for security or personal reasons.
  • Network Troubleshooting: In cases where Discord-related connection issues or network problems arise, an IP resolver can help identify potential network-related issues within the Discord platform.

It’s essential to use such tools responsibly and within the bounds of Discord’s terms of service and applicable laws, as the misuse of this information can have legal and ethical consequences.

Find Someone’s IP Address from Discord?

While Discord prioritizes user privacy and does not offer a direct means of obtaining someone’s IP address, some external tools and methods can potentially be used to find this information. It’s important to note that using such methods may raise ethical and legal concerns, and they should only be employed responsibly and within the boundaries of applicable laws and regulations.

Here are three methods that individuals have used to attempt to find someone’s IP address from Discord:

Method #1: Using Windows Command Prompt

  • Ensure the target person is online on Discord.
  • Open Discord via the website and engage in a conversation with the target user.
  • On your Windows PC, open the command prompt.
  • Type “netstat -an” in the command prompt.
  • Continue chatting with the target person until you see their code on the command prompt displaying the state as “Established.”

Copy the IP address displayed.

Method #2: Using Discord IP Grabber/Logger

  • Copy the URL of a website that the target person frequently visits.
  • Visit a website like Grabify and paste the copied URL.
  • Click on the “Create URL” option.
  • Copy the shortened URL generated and note the IP address displayed on the Grabify screen.
  • In Discord, send the target person the copied link.
  • When the target person clicks the link, open Grabify and click the “Tracking Code” button to access the IP address details.

Please note that this method relies on the target person willingly clicking the link.

Method #3: Using Discord IP Resolver

  • Open Discord and access the settings.
  • Tap on the “Advanced” option.
  • Enable the “Developer Mode” option.
  • Close the settings and locate the target person on Discord.
  • Right-click on their Discord username and select “Copy Id.”
  • Visit a Discord IP resolver website.
  • Paste the copied user ID and click the “Resolve” button.
  • The target person’s IP address will be generated and displayed on the screen.

It’s crucial to exercise caution and consider the potential consequences of using these methods, as they may infringe on privacy rights and violate Discord’s terms of service.


There are various scenarios in which you might find it necessary to obtain someone’s IP address on Discord. While some may claim it’s impossible, third-party applications have made it feasible. One notable tool is the Discord IP grabber, a freely available web application. With link grabbing, you can effortlessly retrieve an individual’s IP using this tool. Additionally, the Discord IP Resolver can assist in obtaining the IP address if the user is currently active.

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