Discuss The Features of Good Packaging 

Discuss The Features of Good Packaging

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown confined us to our houses, meaning shopping online became the norm. Since then, the high street hasn’t quite been able to recover, and online retailers are still the top dogs.

Due to this, the focus on packaging has increased massively. This is because shoppers are no longer going to physical stores, meaning the customer experience is crafted via the packaging.

Ultimately, quality packaging can be a make-or-break factor for products. Whether it’s packaging Peterborough or packaging Perth, the quality needs to be universal. 

1. Branded 

First things first, all packaging must be branded. Every piece of packaging should be viewed as a branding opportunity, as so much can be communicated about a product and its brand via packaging. Packaging is a marketing tool, and it needs to be treated as such.

This is because branded packaging helps build a connection with customers and create loyalty. Great design and solid branding is the pairing you need to make your packaging stand out from the rest, encouraging buyers to shop with you over other brands.

This is especially true if you’re in a densely packed market where difference is essential for success. 

2. Experiential

Discuss The Features of Good Packaging 2

As previously mentioned, packaging is responsible for shaping the customer experience. In the creation of this experience, customers will be more drawn to aesthetically pleasing products than those that don’t evoke a reaction.

There are a number of features that help you make packaging experiential. When selecting these features, you need to consider the feelings you wish to evoke in your customers.

Similarly, you must think about what you’d like your packaging to say about the brand. When done right, packaging can portray simplicity, convenience, luxury, and more. This is one factor that businesses need to consider, especially when it comes to candle enterprises.

Meticulous attention to detail in candle packaging has the potential to elevate customers’ perceptions of your candles, creating a memorable unboxing experience that fosters brand loyalty and garners positive reviews. Therefore, it’s important to take your time to create the right messages via your packaging.  

3. Convenient to Store

If one thing is certain, it’s that the best packaging won’t be thrown away upon the product being removed. Quality packaging gets used as a storage solution for years on end; however, if it proves itself inconvenient, it won’t stand the test of time.

In order to make convenient packaging, you need to consider external and internal layers. It’s not just about the end customers being able to store your product; it’s also about vendors being able to stock the product.

This means the packaging needs to be adaptable so it can be stored in all manner of environments. 

4. Protective

Perhaps the most important feature of packaging is that it’s able to protect your product from damage and breaks. In order to make protective packaging, the right designs and materials are required.

From transportation circumstances to weather conditions, there are a number of factors that packaging has to withstand. Whether you opt for corrugated boxes or alternative packaging, you need to ensure safety and security via packaging.

For the creation of this protective packaging, extensive testing will need to be conducted. The last thing you’ll want is for the customer to receive a faulty product as a result of poor packaging. 

5. Easy to Use

Last but certainly not least, packaging needs to be easy to use. You don’t want the customer staring at it, trying to figure out just how to get it open. It has to be clear where the opening is, and this opening must be smooth.

Additionally, your customers aren’t going to be pleased by packaging that’s too heavy, but they also won’t trust packaging that’s too light. When it comes to weight, the perfect balance needs to be found.

Ultimately, packaging can be a deterrent, so it’s important that yours doesn’t have this effect.

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