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Do Multi-Niche Websites Survive After March 2024 Google Core Update?

Multi-Niche Websites

SEOs and website owners are afraid of Google’s 2024 core update because there are plenty of websites affected and deindexed from Google within a few days of rolling out this update. Even websites that have been working for the past 10 years are also affected by this update.

If you are working on a multi-niche website and it has been affected by this Google update and now after watching the video on YouTube, you are thinking that Google is targeting multi-niche websites and deranking them.

So there is no complete truth in this, although we cannot deny that Google is constantly changing its policy. And is making every possible effort to stop spam.

Why are Multi Niche websites on Google’s target?

Like the hacking that is going on these days, high-authority websites take advantage of their authority and publish posts in all niches and they easily get ranked in Google. Although it does not contain any good information.

The second reason is that by using expired domains, they can easily rank their posts in Google by taking advantage of their authority and backlinks and earning good traffic and money from them.

Due to this, they think of getting the article ranked by not writing it from the user’s point of view and writing their article only from the SEO point of view.

For example, around 2020, work was done on expired domain in different niches due to which its posts got ranked very quickly and it also had a traffic of 136000 per minute. But as of today, all its articles have been out-ranked because Google has come to know about its trick, and through some update or the other its ranking has been downgraded.
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Will Google penalize multi-niche websites?

This is the most talked about topic right now because after Google’s core update, the ranking of even the biggest websites has gone down, due to which a rumor has spread among the people in the SEO industry that Google is giving penalties to many of these multiniche websites too.

While that’s not really the case, the purpose of this core update is simply to remove unhelpful content from Google’s search.

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There seems to be some confusion around a specific March 2024 update targeting multi-niche websites. While Google constantly updates its search algorithms, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding a major update in March 2024 that specifically penalizes multi-niche websites.

What to Look For?

The bigger picture is that Google’s algorithm updates focus on improving search results by prioritizing:

  • High-quality content: This means informative, trustworthy, and well-written content that addresses user needs within a specific topic.
  • Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT): Websites that demonstrate EAT, especially in YMYL niches (Your Money or Your Life) like health or finance, are likely to be favored.
  • Good user experience: A clear and well-organized website structure with a positive user experience is important.

Final Words:

As far as we have done our research, we found that Google is downgrading only those websites that are not working as per Google’s guidelines and whose posts are not satisfying the users.

Because we also saw many multiniche websites which are performing very well. As you can see, the ranking of has gone up significantly after this update. Which is a good thing.

Because this is a multiniche website and new bloggers can learn from it and motivate themselves and it is a plus point that the multinational website is not being targeted by Google.

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