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Does CBD Work With Any Vape Kit?

CBD Vape Kit

For millions of CBD users around the world, vaping truly represents the final frontier. You might be one of those people as well. You started out with traditional CBD oil products, and then you graduated to other forms of CBD such as gummies and topicals as you formulated a CBD regimen that worked for you.

Now, though, you’re beginning to explore what else is out there, and you’ve happened upon vaping as another form of CBD consumption that could be useful to you. Maybe you’re even one of the millions of people who have used vaping to help yourself quit smoking, so buying a CBD vape makes perfect sense.

You already know that inhalation gets an active ingredient into your system faster than almost anything else. If you want to use CBD in the most efficient way possible, it stands to reason that vaping must be exactly what you want. With those things in mind, you’re looking for a way to get started with CBD vaping and might even wonder if you can use some of the equipment you already have.

Can you just put some CBD oil in a vape tank and inhale it? Does CBD work with any vape kit?

We’re going to start you off on the right foot by answering the first question now. You should never attempt to vape oral CBD oil under any circumstances.

As for the vaping equipment that you have, it might work for CBD e-liquid – but hardware designed for nicotine vaping won’t always give you the best experience with CBD.

Reading this article, you’re going to learn why.

Why Can’t I Put CBD Oil In My Vape Tank?

Before you begin, the most important thing to know about CBD vaping is that you can’t simply put oral CBD oil in a vape tank and inhale it. That’s because the ingredients used in CBD oil are appropriate for oral consumption – not for inhaling. Most of what’s in a bottle of CBD oil is carrier oil.

The carriers used in CBD oil are the same types of oils that you might use in food, such as hempseed oil, olive oil and fractionated coconut oil. You wouldn’t ever want to inhale those substances.

Doing so could make you ill because the lungs can’t remove oil efficiently. To vape CBD, you need an e-liquid that’s designed for the task and doesn’t include oil-based ingredients.


What Is CBD E-Liquid?

As it turns out, CBD e-liquid isn’t actually that different from the nicotine e-liquid that vapers use when they’re trying to quit smoking. Oil-based ingredients are never used in e-liquid.

Instead, the carriers used in e-liquid are typically propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. In addition, makers of CBD e-liquid don’t use oil-based CBD in their products. They typically use CBD isolate, which is a powdered form of CBD.

Propylene glycol is an excellent solvent for CBD isolate, making CBD e-liquid relatively easy to produce. CBD distillate is likewise easy to use for e-liquid production. The ingredients of a typical CBD e-liquid are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, CBD isolate or distillate, and flavorings.


What Are The Characteristics Of A CBD Vape Kit?

So, does CBD work with any vape kit? The answer to that question is generally “yes” because CBD e-liquid and nicotine e-liquid only differ in their active ingredients.

Devices like CBD vape pens and high-wattage vape mods are designed for different types of vaping, though, so you may not have the best experience if you simply fill your existing vaping device with CBD e-liquid.

These are the characteristics of a true CBD vape kit:

1. A CBD vape is designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling and will therefore help to conserve your e-liquid supply. Many vape mods intended for use with nicotine e-liquid are designed for direct-to-lung inhaling to facilitate maximum cloud production.

If you use CBD e-liquid with a direct-to-lung vape tank, you may end up consuming more CBD than you want. You’ll also go through your supply of CBD e-liquid very quickly – and you probably don’t want to do that because CBD vape juice isn’t cheap.


2. A CBD vape operates at a low wattage. When used with a large sub-ohm vape tank, a high-end vape mod will typically operate at a power level exceeding 50 watts. A CBD vape pen, on the other hand, will often operate at 10 watts or lower.

That’s not just important because the lower wattage helps to conserve your e-liquid supply; it’s also important because a lower-wattage device operates at a lower temperature.

CBD vaporizes at around 180 degrees Celsius, which is far lower than the temperature at which most sub-ohm vape mods operate. The goal with CBD vaping is to vaporize the CBD – not to burn it.


If your current vaping device is a small refillable vape pen or pod system that operates at a low temperature, you can probably put CBD e-liquid in your device without any trouble.

If you have a sub-ohm vape mod, on the other hand, you’ll probably be happiest if you buy a separate device for CBD vaping. As it turns out, there’s also another reason why you might want to keep your nicotine and CBD vaping separate.


Keeping Nicotine And CBD E-Liquid Separate May Improve Your Results

The first reason why you might want to buy a separate device for CBD vaping is because devices intended for CBD vs. nicotine vaping often have different design characteristics. Even if you already own a device that could work with CBD e-liquid, though, you still might want to buy a separate CBD vape because you’ll have a better experience overall.

One of the reasons why you might not want to use CBD e-liquid in a vape tank designed for nicotine e-liquid is because the two e-liquids don’t have precisely the same ingredients and ingredient ratios and may leave different types of residue behind as a result. In other words, you’ll still taste the flavor of one e-liquid while you’re using the other, and neither vape juice will taste as good as it could.

The other reason why you might want to keep your CBD and nicotine vaping separate is because the two ingredients don’t have the same purpose. You’re probably well aware of the fact that nicotine is a stimulant. Many people use CBD, on the other hand, because they find that it helps them relax. If you mix the two, you may end up having an unsatisfactory experience with both because they’ll essentially cancel each other out.

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