Does Instacart Pay You For Gas? Compensation for Drivers

Does Instacart Pay You For Gas
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Working as an Instacart shopper, you might wonder about gas-related expenses. Does Instacart pay for gas? The truth might surprise you.

Instacart shoppers act as independent workers. This means you must handle your vehicle’s upkeep and fuel needs. Instacart won’t cover your gas costs or offer a specific credit card for it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instacart shoppers are independent contractors and responsible for their own gas expenses.
  • Instacart does not reimburse shoppers for gas or provide a credit card for gas expenses.
  • It is important for Instacart shoppers to find ways to save on gas expenses and maximize their earnings.
  • Tracking mileage for potential tax deductions and using gas receipt rewards apps can help save on gas expenses.
  • Using cash-back reward apps and working during peak hours can also help minimize gas costs.

Understanding Instacart’s Payment Policies

As an Instacart shopper, knowing how gas expenses work is key. Instacart sees shoppers as their own bosses. This gives you freedom but also means you pay for your gas.

Don’t expect extra pay for gas when working with Instacart. This part of your budget will be on you to manage. Think about gas costs when you look at how much you earn. It’s important to think about this when deciding if Instacart works for you.

Yet, there are ways to deal with gas costs and not lose money. With smart moves and understanding your options, you can make the most of being an Instacart shopper.

Tracking Mileage and Tax Deductions

Another way to handle gas costs is to track your mileage. This can lead to tax breaks. The IRS lets you deduct some of your mileage as a business expense. This is when you do your taxes.

In 2022, the rate for business mileage deductions is $0.585 per mile. Using a mileage app like Hurdlr can make recording miles easy. This tool helps you with your tax deductions.

Tips for Saving on Gas Expenses

Want to save on gas as an Instacart shopper? Here are tips:

  • Plan your delivery routes well to lower extra drives and up your delivery number in one run.
  • Avoid high traffic times to cut down on waiting and gas use.
  • Think about sharing rides with other shoppers to cut gas costs and work better.
  • Keep your car in good shape like regular oil changes and tire checks. This keeps your gas use down.

Image related to Instacart’s Payment Policies

Seeing how gas costs fit into your earnings is vital. With the right approach to managing gas costs and smart delivery choices, you can boost your earning. This leads to a better experience with Instacart.

Does Instacart Pay Mileage?

Instacart doesn’t have a set policy for mileage pay. However, what you earn includes a part based on how far you drive. Remember, there’s no extra payment for mileage, just part of your earnings.

How much you earn delivering for Instacart is tied to the distance you travel. You might make more if you drive further for a delivery. So, think about the distance and pay when choosing which orders to fulfill.

Even though Instacart doesn’t directly pay for your mileage, tracking it is smart. This is because you can deduct it from your taxes, which could save you money. Apps like Hurdlr can help you keep an accurate record, easing your tax burden.

Tracking Mileage for Tax Deductions

As an Instacart shopper, tracking your mileage is key for tax benefits. The IRS lets you claim deductions for the miles you drive for work.

A good tool for this is Hurdlr, a mileage tracking app. It lets you log your trips and makes it easy to claim your deductions correctly. But, it’s always wise to talk with a tax expert to follow tax laws well.

Keeping careful mileage records could mean less tax to pay or a bigger refund. Yet, you must keep these records in case the government wants to check them.

Benefits of Tracking Mileage:Tips for Tracking Mileage:
Lower taxable incomeUse a mileage-tracking app
Potential increase in tax refundRecord mileage for business-related trips only
Possible reduction in tax owedKeep accurate records of dates, distances, and purposes

Tracking your mileage is good for both taxes and understanding your costs as an Instacart shopper. It helps you keep track of how much you spend on driving. This way, careful financial planning can boost your profit and ensure smart money management.

Temporary Gas Reimbursement Program

Instacart knows higher gas prices are tough on its shoppers. So, they’ve started a fuel help plan. This is to make sure Instacart shoppers can keep giving great service to customers. They don’t have to pay all the gas costs themselves.

Customers can join in by adding a $0.40 charge to their orders. This $0.40 goes straight to Instacart shoppers as a gas bonus. It helps them deal with the rising costs of fuel.

This gas help program from Instacart really shows they care about their shoppers. It recognizes the hard work the shoppers do as their own bosses. This plan helps everyone by making the work fair and lasting for all.

Benefits of the Temporary Gas Reimbursement Program

Instacart’s program to help with gas has many pluses for both shoppers and customers:

  • Lower Costs for Shoppers: This gas pay-out program means Instacart shoppers don’t have to worry as much about the high cost of fuel. They get to keep more of what they earn.
  • Improved Shopper Satisfaction: When customers add the gas fee, it shows they value the hard work of Instacart shoppers. This makes shoppers happier with their jobs.
  • Continued Reliable Service: Know that Instacart shoppers are still on track to deliver well and on time. The gas program stops them from having to pay all the fuel costs.

The gas plan really reflects Instacart’s promise to its shoppers and customers. Their aim is to give great service, stand by their shoppers, and build a better system for all.

When I discussed this with the Customers, what did they think about  it, it’s shocking to me, please read the Customer Feedback on the Gas Allowance Program:

“I appreciate Instacart’s gas allowance program. It shows that they understand the challenges we face as shoppers and provides some relief from the rising fuel costs.” – Jane, Instacart Shopper

“The gas reimbursement program is a win-win for customers and shoppers. I’m more than happy to contribute a small amount to support the amazing shoppers who deliver my groceries.” – Michael, Instacart Customer

BenefitsInstacart ShoppersInstacart Customers
Lowered gas expenses✔️✔️
Increased shopper satisfaction✔️✔️
Continued reliable service✔️✔️

Pay Structure for Instacart Shoppers

Pay Structure for Instacart Shoppers

Your pay as an Instacart shopper depends on how many orders you finish. Several factors decide the payment for each order. These include the number of items, driving distance, and effort needed.

  • The number and type of items in each order
  • The driving distance required for shopping and delivering
  • The effort involved in fulfilling each order

These factors shape how much you make on every batch. Instacart’s goal is to offer you a fair wage. This reflects all your hard work and the costs you cover doing your job.

Remember, you get to keep all the tips from customers. This 100% tip share makes a big difference in your income. It rewards you for giving great service.

"The pay structure at Instacart considers the challenge and time needed for each task. It looks at details like how far you drive, how many items are in an order, and your time. This way, shoppers get paid fairly for their effort."

Instacart is clear about how they pay and aims to be competitive. They want to keep shoppers happy and motivated. This happens when they feel their work and effort are properly valued.

Example Pay Structure:

OrderItem CountDriving Distance (miles)EffortPayment per Batch
Order 1205Medium$12
Order 2102Low$7
Order 33010High$18

Learning about the pay setup and using it to your advantage matters. When you do your job well, you make more. This benefits both you and the people you shop for.

Tips for Saving on Gas Expenses

Being an Instacart shopper means no gas reimbursement. You can though, use smart tips to cut fuel costs. This way, you earn more. Here’s what to do:

1. Track Mileage for Potential Tax Deductions

Keep track of how far you drive. This might lower your taxes by letting you claim a deduction for business driving. Use an app like Hurdlr to track your miles and get all the tax breaks you can.

2. Keep Gas Receipts for Potential Rewards

Don’t toss those gas receipts. Use apps like Receipt Hog or ReceiptPal to snap photos of them. You could earn gift cards or cash back. It’s an easy way to make your fuel costs work for you.

3. Utilize Gas Cash-Back Reward Apps

Signing up for apps like GetUpside is a good move. You can get cash back at certain gas stations. For even more savings, try using a cash-back credit card for gas purchases.

4. Choose the Best Times to Work

Work smart by choosing the best delivery times. Aim for peak hours. These are evenings during the week and anytime on the weekends. More orders mean more money and better tips for you.

In the end, there are several ways to lessen gas costs without direct reimbursement from Instacart. By tracking your trips, holding onto gas receipts, using cash-back apps, and working at the right times, you can keep your earnings up.

Tracking Mileage for Tax Deductions

Tracking Mileage for Tax Deductions

Being an Instacart shopper means tracking your mileage is key for tax deductions. You can often deduct your miles while filing taxes. This can cut the costs of using your car for work.

The IRS sets the business mileage rate at $0.585 per mile. This applies to several jobs, including Instacart. Make sure to know the current guidelines for tax returns.

Use an app like Hurdlr to make tracking your mileage easier. It records your driving for Instacart. This way, you can show the IRS the miles you traveled for work.

Tracking your miles well can save you money on taxes. Still, talking to a tax expert or using tax software is smart. This ensures you get all the deductions you’re eligible for.

What Can Be Considered as Deductible Mileage?

Knowing what mileage you can deduct is important. Here are examples where you can likely deduct your miles:

  • Driving to and from the grocery store for Instacart shopping trips
  • Driving to and from customers’ homes for deliveries
  • Driving between multiple stores during a shift
  • Driving to meet with Instacart support or attend training sessions

But, your daily drive from home to work area isn’t usually deductible. The IRS sees this as a personal cost, not work-related.

Maximizing Your Mileage Deductions

Need to boost your mileage deductions? Here are some tips for Instacart shoppers:

  1. Use a mileage tracking app for precise records
  2. Note down your work driving, including dates and reasons
  3. Keep your gas receipts
  4. Get advice from a tax professional on self-employment taxes

Maintaining accurate mileage records can reduce what you owe in taxes. Use tools and help available to get the most out of your mileage deductions.

Saving with Gas Receipts

If you’re shopping with Instacart, knowing your fuel costs is key. Even though Instacart itself doesn’t pay you back for gas, you can find ways to save. One good way is to use apps like Receipt Hog or ReceiptPal.

With these apps, you can get cash or gift cards by taking photos of your gas receipts. This helps you save money and keep your spending neat.

“I always take a picture of my gas receipts. It helps me earn more rewards and track my costs,” says Sarah, who uses Instacart.

Apps for scanning receipts don’t just give you rewards. They also show you how you’re spending your money. So, you can make smarter choices about your fuel spending.

Here’s how you get started with earning rewards from gas receipts:

  1. Download a receipt scanning app like Receipt Hog or ReceiptPal from your app store.
  2. Make an account and log in.
  3. Look for the place to upload your gas receipts.
  4. Take good pictures of your receipts and put them on the app.
  5. Wait for the app to go through your receipts and give you rewards.

Always have your gas receipts ready and upload them with these apps. Over time, the rewards will really add up. This can help you spend less on gas.

Benefits of Using Receipt Scanning Apps:

There are a lot of good things about using these apps:

  • Rewards: You get free gift cards or cash by just uploading pictures of your gas receipts.
  • Expense Tracking: They help you keep a digital record of your fuel costs for better budgeting.
  • Insights: You get to see how you spend your money and find ways to save.
  • Convenience: You can manage your receipts easily on your phone, with no need for physical copies.

Using these apps turns your gas receipts into something valuable. You can get rewards and keep things organized at the same time.

Receipt Scanning AppRewardsAvailability
Receipt HogEarn coins, redeemable for gift cards or cashAvailable for iOS and Android devices
ReceiptPalEarn points, redeemable for gift cards or cashAvailable for iOS and Android devices

Apps like Receipt Hog and ReceiptPal can help you save on gas and get rewards. Use them to get the most out of your Instacart shopping.

Cash-Back Reward Apps for Gas Savings

Cash-Back Reward Apps for Gas Savings

Instacart shoppers look for ways to cut gas costs. They can use cash-back apps like GetUpside. These apps give money back on gas from certain stations, saving shoppers cash.

Also, using cash-back gas rewards credit cards can help save money. Shoppers get cash back or points for using them. This adds to their gas savings.


GetUpside is an app that helps save on fuel costs. Instacart shoppers can earn cash back by taking a photo of their gas receipt. This cash goes straight into their account.

Using GetUpside often helps Instacart shoppers lower their gas bills. It’s a great way to save money while working.

Cash-Back Gas Rewards Credit Cards

Another option is using special credit cards for gas. These cards give cash back or points just for buying gas.​

Some good cards for this are:

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Discover it Cash Back
  • Bank of America Cash Rewards

Each card has different rewards. Shoppers should pick the one that works best for them.​

By using cash-back apps and these credit cards, Instacart shoppers save a lot on gas. This maximizes their pay and helps with fuel costs.

Working at the Best Times

As an Instacart shopper, the hours you pick to work can really matter. Choosing when to work wisely can lower the money you spend on gas and boost your earnings. You can avoid extra driving and make the most out of your time.

It’s smart to work when demand for Instacart is high, like weekday evenings and weekends. More people order groceries then. With more orders, you’ll make less trips and spend less on gas.

Working when it’s slow means fewer orders and more driving for each. This can up your gas use and lower how much you earn. It’s best to work during busy times.

The Instacart app’s “Best Times” tool can also help you work smarter. It shows you when your area is the busiest. This way, you can work when orders are plenty, saving gas and time.

Tips for Working at the Best Times

Here are some extra tips for working when demand is high:

  • Plan ahead: Figure out when it’s busiest where you work. Then, set your schedules to match. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide.
  • Be ready: Always start your shifts with a full tank. This way, you won’t waste time filling up and can keep making deliveries.
  • Know your route: Learn the best ways to navigate your delivery zones. This avoids extra driving and uses less gas.
  • Stay alert: Watch the app for news on busy times or changes in demand. Being up-to-date helps you adjust your schedule for more money.

“Working when demand is high means more jobs and less gas spent. By planning for busy times, you can work better, earn more, and drive less.”

Advantages of Working at the Best TimesDisadvantages of Working at Off-Peak Times
Higher demand for order requestsLower number of order requests
Potential for higher earnings and better tipsLonger gaps between deliveries
Reduced driving time and gas consumptionIncreased driving distances
Increased efficiency and productivityDecreased overall efficiency

Instacart’s Cart Star Program

Instacart’s Cart Star program values its shoppers’ hard work. It rewards them with points for each order they complete. These points help them reach different levels like Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Cart.

Shoppers get special benefits as they move up in the Cart Star program. Among these benefits is the chance to get money back on gas. This helps them save on fuel costs.

Members also get special car maintenance discounts. These help shoppers take care of their cars for less, saving them money in the long run.

Signing up for the Cart Star program helps Instacart shoppers earn more and get more rewards. This program improves their shopping experience and acknowledges their hard work. It’s a great way to get more out of their job.

Overview of Cart Star Program Tiers and Benefits

The Cart Star program has several tiers, each with unique rewards:

  1. Gold Cart: Shoppers at this tier get the base rewards and benefits.
  2. Platinum Cart: Those in the Platinum tier get better rewards. This may include more cash back on gas and extra perks like getting orders first.
  3. Diamond Cart: The highest tier, Diamond Cart, offers top benefits. It has the best gas cash back, car maintenance discounts, and more. Diamond Cart members are also recognized in the Instacart app and get to see high-paying orders first.

Shoppers can see their tier and progress in the Instacart app. By keeping up their great service, they can move up and earn more rewards.

The Cart Star program shows Instacart’s appreciation for its shoppers. It lets them get extra perks, save on gas, and reduce car maintenance costs. Joining this program makes shopping for Instacart even more rewarding and enjoyable.

Additional Benefits for Cart Star Members

Being a Cart Star member brings special benefits to your shopping with Instacart. You can get things like cash back on buying gas and discounts for keeping up with your car.

Cash Back on Gas through Upside

For Cart Star members, saving money on gas is a breeze. You get cash back through our Upside partnership by just uploading your gas receipts. This can really help reduce your fuel costs.

Car Maintenance Discounts with CarAdvise

Maintaining your car is key, especially for Instacart shoppers. Cart Star members can get discounts on car services thanks to CarAdvise. This includes saving on oil changes and tire work.

Backup Care Benefits with

Diamond Cart shoppers get extra help, like backup care through This ensures you have support for unexpected circumstances. You can easily find trusted caregivers for backup needs.

Don’t miss out on these great benefits. Save money on gas, take care of your vehicle, and have backup care ready when needed. We’re here to support your success with Instacart.

Cart Star TierBenefits
Gold CartCash back on gas through Upside
Platinum CartCash back on gas through Upside
Car maintenance discounts with CarAdvise
Diamond CartCash back on gas through Upside
Car maintenance discounts with CarAdvise
Backup care benefits with

Enhance your Instacart experience by joining the Cart Star program. Start reaping these benefits today!

Recognition and Priority Access for Diamond Cart Shoppers

Recognition and Priority Access for Diamond Cart Shoppers

Being a Diamond Cart shopper means you get special treatment in the Instacart app. You’re more likely to get good ratings and tips, which helps you earn more. In addition to better earnings, you also get first dibs on the best orders.

Instacart values your hard work as a top shopper. That’s why they let you see and pick orders first. This gives you an edge in choosing the orders that pay more. You can grab the best orders before anyone else, even before the stores open.

Having Diamond Cart status comes with two major benefits. First, you stand out and look more trustworthy to customers. This can lead to better ratings and more tips. Second, you get to choose better paying jobs first, thanks to priority access.

With priority access, you can choose orders that fit your needs, like big payouts. This means you can earn more money in less time. You can plan your work better, knowing you get first pick of the top orders.

“Being a Diamond Cart shopper has been a game-changer for me. Not only do I receive higher ratings and tips, but I also have the advantage of selecting the best orders. With priority access, I can focus on high-paying deliveries and maximize my earnings. It’s a win-win situation!” – Emily, Diamond Cart Shopper

In short, being a Diamond Cart shopper gets you noticed and earns you more money in the Instacart app. You also get to choose the best orders first. These benefits make your job more successful and give you a leg up against other shoppers.

Benefits of Diamond Cart Membership
Recognition within the Instacart app
Potential for higher ratings and tips
Priority access to batches of orders
Exclusive early access to batches before stores open
Opportunity to select higher-paying orders


Instacart doesn’t pay back shoppers for the gas they use. Yet, there are ways to save on gas and make more money. Keeping track of mileage can lower your taxes. This is because you can deduct some costs.

Apps that give you rewards for your gas receipts can also put some money back in your pocket. Don’t forget about cash-back rewards from programs. Planning your work during the best times helps, too.

The Cart Star program at Instacart is great for those who do really well. It offers cash back for gas through Upside. You can also find car maintenance deals with CarAdvise. Plus, Diamond Cart shoppers get help with backup care.

By using these tips and the opportunities Instacart provides, you can earn more. And you can cut down on your gas spending, even if Instacart doesn’t pay for gas directly.

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