Best DoorDash Hacks To Make More Money For Drivers

DoorDash Hacks To Make More Money
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As a DoorDash driver, you’ve joined it with hopes of making some extra money. You want to turn it into a full-time job. But despite your efforts, your earnings aren’t meeting your expectations.

You’re putting in long hours, dealing with traffic, and hustling through orders, yet your bank account isn’t showing the fruits of your labor. Frustrating, right?

You can make more money by using various hacks and strategies. These tips aim to boost your income from deliveries. Let’s dive into some strategies to help you earn more with DoorDash.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implementing DoorDash earnings tips and strategies can significantly impact your income.
  • By optimizing your earnings, you can maximize your DoorDash profits.
  • Strategic delivery methods and efficient doordash driver strategies can help you increase your income.
  • Exploring doordash delivery hacks and boosting your earnings can enhance your overall earnings potential.
  • Following these tips for making money with DoorDash can help you achieve greater financial success as a delivery driver.

DoorDash Hacks To Make More Money

The struggle is real. You’ve probably felt the sting of slow days, low tips, and the frustration of waiting at restaurants. It’s tough when you know you’re working hard, but the payoff isn’t what you hoped for. Maybe you’ve even thought about quitting because the hassle doesn’t seem worth it.

But wait – before you throw in the towel, there are strategies and hacks that can turn things around. With a few adjustments and smarter tactics, you can start seeing better results.

Let’s explore these solutions:

1. Maximize your tax write-offs

As a DoorDash driver, you’re technically self-employed, meaning you’re responsible for your own taxes. This can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure what expenses you can deduct. Paying too much in taxes can eat into your profits, making all your hard work feel less rewarding.

Tax DeductionDescription
Vehicle expensesDeduct fuel costs, maintenance, insurance, and lease/loan payments related to your delivery vehicle.
Phone and internet costsDeduct a portion of your monthly phone bill and data charges as business expenses.
Equipment and suppliesDeduct expenses for purchasing equipment and supplies necessary for your DoorDash business.
Delivery bags and apparelDeduct the costs of purchasing delivery bags and apparel used for your deliveries.
Health insurance premiumsDeduct the costs of your health insurance premiums as a self-employed individual.

If you work for DoorDash, knowing your tax write-offs can boost your income. Keep track of business expenses. This way, you might pay less in taxes.

1. Track Your Mileage

One of the biggest deductions for DoorDash drivers is mileage. The IRS allows you to deduct a standard mileage rate for every mile driven for business purposes. For 2023, the standard mileage rate is 65.5 cents per mile.

Actionable Tip

Keep a detailed log of your business mileage. Use apps like MileIQ or Everlance to automatically track your mileage. Record the date, purpose, and miles driven for each trip. This will provide accurate records come tax time.

2. Deduct Car Expenses

Vehicle costs are top tax write-offs for DoorDash workers. Track your car’s fuel, maintenance, gas, oil changes, repairs, insurance, and more to cut your tax bill.

Actionable Tip

Compare the standard mileage deduction with your actual car expenses to see which provides a bigger deduction. If you choose actual expenses, keep all receipts and records of your car-related costs.

3. Claim Your Phone Bill

Staying online for orders means you can write off part of your phone bill. Remember, you have to prove these expenses are for work.

4. Write Off Food and Drink

While you can’t deduct personal meals, you can write off meals and drinks that are necessary for your work. For instance, if you need to eat while you’re on a long shift, those expenses can be deductible.

5. Equipment and Supplies

Buying things like delivery bags can also save you money during tax time. Anything you need for your job can be a write-off.

6. Delivery Bags and Apparel

Investing in delivery gear can be a tax benefit too. The money you spend on bags, or uniforms, can lower your taxes.

Actionable Tip:

Save receipts for all gear and equipment purchased for your deliveries. Keep a detailed list of these items and their costs.

7. Claim Health Insurance

If you pay for your health insurance, get this deduction. It could cut your tax bill, leaving more money in your pocket.

Note: It's wise to get advice from a tax expert or use good software. They can help you choose the right deductions and save more on taxes.

8. Deduct Parking and Tolls

Any parking fees or tolls incurred while on the job are deductible. Keep receipts for all parking fees and tolls paid during your deliveries. Note the date and purpose of these expenses.

9. Home Office Deduction

If you have a dedicated space in your home where you manage your DoorDash business, you may be eligible for a home office deduction.

To qualify, the space must be used exclusively for business. Calculate the percentage of your home used for your office and apply that percentage to your rent, utilities, and other home expenses.

Using these tips and staying organized with your expenses can really help. It could mean saving a lot of money on taxes, which is more cash in your hand. Knowing about and taking these deductions can make a big difference in your taxes. Keep good records and maybe talk to a tax expert. This way, you can use all the tax breaks DoorDash drivers get.

2. Know Your Peak Times To DASH

Timing is key to making more money with DoorDash. Knowing the busiest hours helps get more high-paying orders. Here is when you should consider dashing:

1. Early Mornings: Delivering breakfast or coffee is popular early. Start between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM for a busy morning.

2. Lunchtime: Lunch hours, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, get hectic. Be near busy offices or homes to catch orders.

3. Dinner Rush: Evenings are very busy, especially 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. People order dinner after work, so it’s a good time to dash.

4. Late-Night Shifts: Late-night, from 9:00 PM to midnight, can also be profitable. Orders for snacks or late dinners keep coming.

Focus on these peak times to make more money. This strategy helps grab the best delivery slots.

3. Book your dashes in advance

For DoorDash drivers, securing busy spots is key to making more money. Pre-booking your dashes gives you an edge. You can choose the best time and place to work. This is especially helpful in areas with many drivers fighting for the same job.

On busy days, when many drivers are on the map, pre-booking is your friend. It means you don’t miss out on delivering in popular places. This way, you’re more likely to get jobs that pay well.

  • By scheduling your shifts in advance, you can:
  • Choose the times and areas that are most profitable for you
  • Access popular restaurants and busy locations
  • Minimize time spent waiting for orders

Saving your spot ahead of time means you can deliver without stress. You get to focus on making money, not on finding a place to work. This is because your spot is already set, saving you from the rush.

It also helps you be smart about when you work. By picking the busiest times, you make more money. This ensures you’re on the road when and where the money is.

Wondering how to do it? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the DoorDash driver app
  2. Navigate to the scheduling or shifts tab
  3. Select the desired time slots and delivery areas
  4. Confirm your booking

Remember, the best spots might go quickly, depending on your area and how many drivers are around. So, keep an eye out and book early to get the shifts you want.

Ultimately, booking ahead helps you make more money. It secures the best spots for you, even in crowded areas. This means more jobs that pay well, boosting your earnings.

Benefits of Pre-Booking Over Same-Day Dash Access

BenefitsPre-BookingSame-Day Access
Access to busy areas
Increased chances of high-paying orders
Minimized competition with other drivers
Ability to plan your schedule and align with peak hours
Reduced wait times and downtime

4. Stop worrying about your acceptance rate

Maximizing earnings on DoorDash means not always saying yes to every order. It might seem like taking every job is smart. But, it’s key to pick the orders that pay well. This helps increase what you make per delivery.

DoorDash’s pay system is based on an auction. The pay for a delivery considers how far, how long, and how hard the job is. Taking on low-paying jobs can waste your time and money, lowering your profits.

Pro Tip: "Accepting every low-paying order is like working hard to make less. Prioritize profitability and know your worth as a DoorDash driver." 

Try these strategies instead of saying yes to every order:

  1. Set a minimum payout threshold: Choose the lowest pay you’ll accept for a job. This should cover your expenses and make each job worth your time.
  2. Consider distance and time: Look at how far you have to go and how long it takes for each job. If the pay doesn’t match the effort, it’s okay to pass and wait for something better.
  3. Focus on profitable areas: Find areas known for better-paying jobs and aim for deliveries there. This can help you earn more for each delivery.

Pros & Cons:

Pros of prioritizing profitable deliveries

  • Earn higher average earnings per delivery
  • Focus on more lucrative areas
  • Optimize your time and resources
  • Effort is rewarded with fair compensation

Cons of accepting low-paying orders

  • Reduced average earnings per delivery
  • Wastes time and resources
  • May contribute to an unfair compensation model
  • Potential burnout due to low profitability

Know your worth

Your time and effort are valuable as a DoorDash driver. It’s not just about the money, but also about sending a message that your work is worth better pay. Focus on jobs that pay well to increase your income and push for more fair pay for all drivers.

Find a balance between accepting offers and keeping your earnings up. Choosing the right jobs helps you use your time and resources better while aiming for higher pay opportunities.

Focus on choosing profitable jobs to boost your DoorDash income. Remember, you’re managing a business. Strategic choices help your earnings grow, not just your acceptance rate.

Know which deliveries to avoid

Implementing an optimized waiting strategy

Knowing which jobs to skip is vital for DoorDash drivers aiming to earn more. Avoid low-paying and not-worth-it jobs by setting a pay threshold. Lessen long drives and avoid places with long waits. This makes your time count more, leading to better efficiency and earnings. Prioritize well-paying jobs to get the most out of your workday.

Take a look at the table below for a visual representation of the types of deliveries to avoid:

Deliveries to AvoidReason
Orders with low base payAvoid wasting time on low-paying deliveries
Orders with long distancesMinimize time spent on the road and increase efficiency
Orders with excessive wait timesAvoid wasting time waiting at restaurants

Being picky about the jobs you take can boost your earnings and make your work day more fruitful.

5. Don’t be afraid to cancel accepted orders (sometimes)

Imagine waiting a long time at a restaurant and your delivery time suffering. In such cases, cancel the order. This move opens up space for faster jobs, letting you make better use of your time.

Always talk to the customer when you cancel due to long waits. Being upfront and friendly is key. Let them know about the delay and offer that canceling helps you serve them better eventually.

Cancelling orders should be a rare move, a last resort. DoorDash checks how often drivers do this. Too many cancellations might hurt your chances of getting more jobs in the future.

By wisely cancelling the orders with long waits and keeping communication clear, you make the most of your time. This leads to shorter wait times, better efficiency, and more money in your pocket as a DoorDash driver.

6. Restart the DoorDash app regularly

Restart the DoorDash app regularly

If DoorDash is acting up or you want to see orders better, try restarting the app. This simple step can help fix any issues you are facing. It makes sure your delivery experience is smooth and hassle-free.

After restarting the app, it clears out old data and gets new info. This is crucial when lots of orders are coming in. It ensures you see the latest updates, especially during busy times.

It’s good to restart DoorDash from time to time, especially if you see a lot of tech issues or not many offers. By regularly refreshing, you manage your orders better and use your delivery time wisely.

Benefits of Restarting the DoorDash App:

  • Overcome technical difficulties
  • Improve order visibility
  • Increase chances of receiving new delivery offers
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest information and updates

7. Optimize Your Routes

Time is money in the delivery business. The faster you complete orders, the more deliveries you can make, and the more money you earn. Optimizing your routes to minimize travel time and distance is crucial.

Use navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze to find the quickest routes. Avoid traffic-prone areas and use shortcuts where possible. Also, try to group orders from the same area to reduce back-and-forth driving.

8. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Happy customers are more likely to tip generously and rate you highly. Providing excellent customer service can make a big difference in your earnings.

Communicate clearly with customers, keep them updated on their order status, and ensure timely deliveries. A friendly demeanor and attention to detail can lead to better tips and repeat customers.

9. Network with Other Dashers

Connecting with other Dashers can provide valuable insights and tips that you might not find on your own. Join online forums, social media groups, or local meetups for DoorDash drivers. Share experiences, ask questions, and learn from others to improve your own dashing strategies.

10. Learn from Your Data

Review your DoorDash earnings and delivery data to identify trends. Look for patterns in your most profitable times, areas, and order types. Use this information to refine your strategies and maximize your earnings.

Analyzing your past performance can provide insights into what works best for you and where you can improve.

Using these DoorDash tips can really help drivers earn more money. They can boost their profits by smartly reducing their taxes and picking the best delivery times. It’s also about knowing when to take orders and planning ahead.

But, it’s not just about making money. It’s also important to work efficiently and keep customers happy. This leads to more tips and better ratings. So, focusing on these things can make a big difference in a driver’s overall success on the platform.

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