Dutch Bros Straw Code: A Comprehensive Guide

Dutch Bros Straw Code

Popular coffee shop franchise Dutch Bros is well-known for its amiable baristas and its distinctive straw code. According to rumors, baristas have a technique they use to express their feelings about the way customers look called the Dutch Bros straw code.

The straw code is a much-debated subject. While some people think it’s a respectable method for baristas to voice their ideas, others think it’s rude and discriminating. The history, significance, and colors of the Dutch Bros straw code will all be covered in this tutorial.

What Does The Dutch Bros Straw Code Mean?

According to rumors, baristas have a technique they use to express their feelings about the way customers look called the Dutch Bros straw code. When Dutch Bros was a tiny, regional chain in the early 2000s, the code is thought to have started. The code was supposedly developed by a group of baristas who wanted a covert manner to voice their feelings about patrons.

Is The Dutch Bros Code Myth Or Real?

There is no definitive answer to the question of whether or not the Dutch Bros straw code is real. There is debate concerning the Dutch Bros straw code. However, the code might be in use at some Dutch Bros stores, according to anecdotal evidence.

A Dutch Bros receipt with a pink straw code scrawled on the bottom was uploaded by a Reddit member. The barista had put “cute” next to the code on the receipt, which proved that the customer had received a pink straw. It’s crucial to remember, though, that there isn’t any proof that the Dutch Bros straw code is applied everywhere.

How Did The Straw Code Start?

This code assigns each customer with a color based on their appearance, which has become an ongoing topic of conversation on social media and in discussions across different forums.

The exact origins of the Dutch Bros straw code remain unknown – some believe that it was created by baristas in the early 2000s while others suspect that it is simply an online hoax.

There is no evidence to indicate its implementation across all locations, with Dutch Bros denying its existence as well.

Here are some of the most common theories about how the straw code started:

  • The code is just an internet scam: The lack of proof that the code is applied at every Dutch Bros store lends credence to this theory. No allegations of consumers receiving straws depending on their appearance have been made, and Dutch Bros has disputed the existence of the code.
  • In the early 2000s, a group of baristas developed the code: The code’s alleged genesis in the Pacific Northwest, where Dutch Bros was established, lends credence to this claim.
  • Baristas can share their opinions of consumers through the code without saying anything explicitly: Dutch Bros is known for having friendly and outgoing baristas. It could be that some use the straw code as a playful icebreaker with customers or as a means to give compliments.

Meaning Of The colors of the Dutch Bros straw code

According to the code, the following colors are used to represent different qualities:

  • Pink straw: Pink straws, it seems, indicate that the barista finds you to be beautiful, pretty, handsome, or decent. Naturally, this means that some girls view this as evidence of a compliment on their personality or hair. Some customers even make repeated dashes to Dutch Bros to snag a prized pink straw so they can post pictures of their adorable attire online.
  • Red straw: If a red straw is included with your blended order, the person who made your beverage thinks you’re adorable.
  • Orange straw: Orange straws, it seems, are a sign that the barista finds you mysterious, strange, unusual, or just plain weird. So, if your drink has an orange straw sticking out of it, celebrate your individuality.
  • Yellow straw: According to legend, a yellow straw means that the person who blended your drink thinks you look average to so-so.
  • Green straw: If you receive a green straw with your blended order, it indicates that the person who prepared your beverage believes you to be ugly or unpleasant.
  • Blue straw: A blue straw, according to the widely circulated straw code, denotes a rude or challenging customer.


Q.1 Is the code always accurate?

The Dutch Bros straw code is a rumored system that baristas use to communicate their opinions of customers’ appearances. However, there is no way to know for sure whether or not the code is always accurate.

Q.2 How has the code affected customer behavior?

According to some sources, customers have reportedly been hesitant to attend Dutch Bros because they fear being judged only on their appearance.

Q.3 How do I know if the code is real?

There is no definitive way to know if the Dutch Bros straw code is real.

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