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Enjoy The Exciting Way For An Old Game Through Online Casino Roulette

casino Roulette

Roulette is probably the most straightforward casino game to play. There isn’t much to be done; the rules are easy and wins feel more satisfying. Thanks to online casinos, they can bring the pleasure of betting on a roulette game, right to our homes.

However, sitting at home, in your pyjamas, you can quickly lose track of time, and before you know it, you are way over your budget, and it is 2 in the night. Yep, this is how satisfying casino Roulette can be! However, online casinos like – bosskuclub mega888, also provide for measures against it. Let’s see what online casinos offer concerning Roulette.

1. Rules

Once you understand the rules, Roulette is a cakewalk to play. The first aspect to understand when sitting down to play Roulette is the wheel. It has 38 pockets, with numbers from 1- 36, a single zero pocket and a double zero pocket.

In case you are playing the European Roulette there are only 37 pockets, with a double zero pocket missing. The pockets having zeros will be in green, while other numbers will be scattered throughout the wheel in no particular order. The numbers on the wheel will usually alternate between black and red.


2. Betting

The roulette board is where all players place their bets. Unlike the wheel, all the numbers here are placed in a sequence. You can bet by merely placing your chips on the number you wish to bet on.


3. Bets In Roulette


  1. Straight: This bet covers only one number. To place this bet, put your chips on the square of the number
  2. Split: A bet on two numbers placed adjacent on the betting board.
  3. Street: A bet on three consecutive numbers in a row of the betting board.
  4. Corner: This is four number bet. The bet is placed by putting chips on the common corner of four numbers
  5. Trio: A three number bet that includes the zero or zeroes.


4. Are There Any Different Online Roulette Rules?

Yes, there are many types of Roulette games that use slightly different rules. There are high- stakes tables that allow for higher bets and there are Mini Roulettes as well, that just have a 13-slot wheel.

At times, you can also find different Russian Roulettes or even simplified roulettes for dummies. This is helpful for those just beginning with the game or the world of online casinos.


5. Online V/S Offline Roulette

Online V/S Offline Roulette

Simply speaking, even though the environment in a live casino is better, there is a lot of undue pressure at times. So, if the players on the table around you are playing fast, you have to place bets faster too. This might not be comfortable for a person who is just starting out, or just likes to play at a slow pace.

Similarly, Roulette is a trendy casino game, and if you visit a casino when it is crowded, chances are you have to wait long till your turn on the table arrives. Too much waiting is never too good for anyone who plans to gamble and enjoy the night away.

Betting online is also simpler and faster. Everything is displayed on the screen once the player makes their bet only then the wheel starts spinning.



Online Roulette is making the thrill and excitement of casino Roulette reach millions of people right within the comfort of their homes. In times of the lockdown, participating in games that make you forget time, and help you win is a great choice.

All you need to do is choose the right online casino, create an ID and start playing.

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