6 Reasons Why Epoxy Floor Coating Is The Perfect Flooring Option For Your Garage

Epoxy Floor Coating
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Thinking of turning your garage into a space, where you and your buddies could sit and chat away about cars and other interesting topics?

If yes, then the best and easiest way to start the transformation is changing the floor. While you have many flooring options that you could use, epoxy floor coating should be your first choice for the reasons described herein.

1. Excellent Resistance

One of the reasons why epoxy-coated floors are becoming such a popular option in both commercial and domestic realms is their excellent resistance.

When the epoxy cures, it becomes a solid cross-linked polymer that can resist anything — from gasoline, transmission fluid, and cleaning chemicals to bleach.

It also boasts a smooth, shiny surface that is scratch, chip, and crack-resistant and can withstand heavy and high-floor traffic seamlessly.

Therefore, this makes it the ideal coating for your garage’s floor since cars are not only heavy but also can emit corrosive chemicals.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

Most garage flooring options often boast great functionality but lack aesthetic appeal. This is what makes epoxy stand out. Not only is it available in a diverse array of colors, but it also boasts a smooth, glossy finish which gives your garage that sleek, show-room-like appearance.

You can make use of diverse patterns and designs to transform your garage into that space you’ve always dreamt of inculcating in your home. It is the easiest way to transform your ordinary garage into an Instagram-worthy space.

3. Cost-Effective

Most flooring options that offer you excellent functionality without sacrificing aesthetics are usually incredibly expensive.

Surprisingly, the epoxy coating is affordable. In comparison to other options, the price of epoxy per square foot is way much lower.

Other than that, it can be installed directly over your current flooring, which helps reduce installation costs. If your current floor has chips and cracks, epoxy floor coating can be combined with paints and colors to help mask these flaws.

As noted, it has excellent resistance and is highly durable. This reduces the maintenance routine and consequently makes it a more cost-effective option. In a nutshell, epoxy offers you the best value for your money as it’s highly functional and, at the same time, boasts of the top aesthetic appeal.

4. It Is Safe

Once it dries, epoxy has excellent heat resistance properties. Moreover, it is smooth but resistant to slippage and extreme impact.

Due to its high gloss finish, epoxy coating enhances the brightness inside your garage by up to 400%. This increases the visibility of your garage, creating an even more safe space.

5. It Protects Your Car As Well

Most flooring options, for instance, bare concrete, tend to speed up the wear and tear of your vehicle’s or motorcycle’s tires.

Epoxy floor coating helps you reduce your trips to your mechanic as its smooth surface prevents tire damage.

6. Good For The Environment

Epoxy is a much more environmentally friendly option in comparison to other garage flooring options. Why? It is highly durable.

Once correctly installed, it can last up to a decade without cracking or chipping. This means the chances of it ending up in a landfill are meager.

The home garage is no longer a space where people throw away stuff. It is an integral part of most modern homes, and you too can transform yours using epoxy floor coating.

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