Overweight Is A Menace For Your Erectile Dysfunction – This Is Why


Erectile dysfunction is a male-related sexual disorder where you will not get the erection in proper sense. Thus, either you will not have the proper erection and also not getting the erection in long-lasting hours.

Hence, you will be missing the string entirely and you will not be able to get your some part of body erected for meeting your sexual desire.

[su_note note_color=”#567288″ text_color=”#f7f6f5″]Why You Need Treatment Of Ed[/su_note]

  •  This will be hampering not only your sexual life but your professional life and your entire life too. You will not be having a good relation with your partner and hence you will be facing an issue on your mind, which can even lead to a separation. When you surface erectile dysfunction problem, that time you have to use some generic medications like – Vidalista 60Aurogra Pills, Sildalist, Kamagra 100 and many more…
  •  On the other hand, you will be facing issues with your health and well-being. ED is not only a disease which is related to your sexual organs. The disease is related to your blood pressure and hence it is also related to your heart and cerebrum and the entire nervous system. Hence, beware of the effects of the same on your other body parts.
  • The entire thing will give you two things. You will be facing low-confidence and will also be facing high temper all the time, due to your lack of confidence only. This very thing is not only going to hamper your personal life, but the effect of the same is to affect your professional life too.
    Hence, it is important to notice that ED is going to affect you a lot and hence you need to undergo its treatment very soon.

The Process Of Treatment

The treatment process of ED is very much critical since it is not an ailment which is related to physical factors only. Rather it is having psyche issues too. Hence, as you reach a doctor for the same, he will be directing you in the following ways –

  •  At the very beginning, he will be directing you to undergo some of the tests that have to be carried out related to your urine, your cardiac health and your mental stage. This is to identify the source of your ED.
  •  As the reason of your ED is sorted out by your PCP, you are going to get through the medications and guidelines for him. Medication includes Fildena 100 or Cenforce 100 or any other and then starts your treatment.

[su_note note_color=”#567288″ text_color=”#f7f6f5″]Some Major Causes Of Your Ed[/su_note]


One of the major causes for causing ED is related to your mental pressure, which cuts off the circuit between your brain and your penis. This is the reason why ED is also said to be a mental ailment for many patents.

  • The same thing is experienced when a person is addicted to pornography. They’re also the circuit between the brain and your penis is also lost.
  •  The next syndrome is related to excess glucose and excess fat. These two are sensed to be one of the major reasons for your ED and hence they need to be dealt with separately and in a differential way.
  •  There are other addictions like alcohol and smoking. Hence, they are to be dealt with seriousness.
  • The final thing that is dreamt to be very much significant here in case of forming ED is related to the excessive rest on your body and also excessive hard work. If a proper balance here cannot be maintained there, then you are sure to face the consequence of ED.

[su_note note_color=”#567288″ text_color=”#f7f6f5″]How You Generate Overweight[/su_note]

Overweight is something that is resulted due to excess addiction towards fatty foods, fast foods and also towards foods that are having more glucose content in them.
Along with the same, excessive rest of the body, which is often seen in the professionals who work in an environment where mental work is more, but physical activities are almost negligible.
You have the work at your office over your laptop, and on the other hand, at your house, you have the maidservant at your service.
Thus, when the balance of your rest and work is not maintained and alongside has not the balance of your dishes, you are going to face obesity.


How Obesity Is Linked With Ed

You understood that how you will be generating obesity in yourself, and also know that your obesity is a cause of ED. Now the thing that is not clear to you is why can have ED for obesity?
Obesity makes your veins bulky as it starts developing excess fat at the inner walls. The same thing happens when you are having excess glucose content in your body. Ultimately, this layer in the veins will be blocking the flow of blood in the veins.
Your veins will have tampered and that makes a sense that even after your brain conveys a message to your penis for erection and spares excess blood flow there with an improved pressure, still the pressure is not exercised in your penis veins, causing ED.


The Last Word

Hence, if you experience obesity, then it is important to notice that you remain prone to find ED and hence it is important that you take care of your health and work on your obesity. If you have already experienced ED and you are overweight, then immediately take care of your health and if you have still not developed ED in you, then it is high time to take care of your excess weight and by doing this you will be resisting your ED.

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