Evolution Of OCR Technology Has Changed The Aspect Of Mobility

OCR Technology
Written by James Smith

We often come across photos, particularly for commercial purposes that we would like to have in a softcopy. Mostly these are data records and other documents that need to be stored in the database.

Manual data entries can take a lot of time, especially if you have an ample amount of data that needs to be converted.

Previously there was just no other choice apart from carrying out the whole process yourself, but the progressing technology has presented us the solution in the form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR technology)

1. What Is OCR Technology?

The image to text converter is a software category that is used to transform images and papers into editable text formats. The Scanned files are retained as image records that can be openly changed into text files by consuming this tool. The text that is converted into a soft copy can be saved into numerous different formats like doc, docx, pdf, etc.

Numerous organizations use Optical recognition tool for converting their documents into electronic files. Various image designs can be transformed. The compatibility of the format is an essential requirement for software conversion.


2. Advantages Of OCR Technology

OCR technology has several benefits.

One of its main advantages includes the time-friendly aspect of the software. Typing up a whole document that contains hundreds or thousands of records is a task that requires both time and effort. Instead of using OCR technology, it can be performed within minutes.

Even if you hire someone to do it  for you, it could cost you quite a bit and using the software and you can achieve the desired results without paying anything.

The document produced is searchable. It is a significant advantage when you are compiling a list of records and therefore need to search for someone particular.

OCR can examine, record, and directory information from any written source or paper. It means that the data can now be saved in an electronic format in servers, therefore eliminating the requirement for preserving large paper files. Like this, data entry made through OCR functions as one of the most excellent tools to apply the "Paperless" method through the association.

Disaster recovery is another critical advantage of OCR technology. Since the data is stored electronically across protected servers and disseminated structures, it stays protected in the most disastrous situations.

In the case of impulsive fire flights or other natural mishaps, the electronic data can be rapidly recovered to confirm business persistence.


3. Best OCR Tools Online

OCR tools are being offered by several websites online. Some of the most popular ones are as below:-


4. Prepostseo

The optical recognition tool offered by PrePostSEO contains high reliability and efficiency factor to its side. It is available and accessible online and is also pretty straightforward to use.

Most of the users get annoyed with the registration process while the PrePostSEO provides a solution for it, you don’t have to create an account or register yourself for using the tool. It is also completely free, and no hidden charges required to be paid.


Another significant benefit of the tool is that there is no restriction on the number of searches you can make. It gives users the ability to do several searches without any limit being imposed on them.

Some Of Its Other Features Include:-

Privacy: The website has a privacy policy in place. The purpose of it is to ensure the users that their data won’t be revealed to any external source, so when the image is uploaded on the search engine, it would be secure. You don’t have to worry about uploading your essential documents and getting them converted using the software.

Various Font Support: The files that need to be converted can be in different formats, and that could be a problem for many tools. Some fonts might not be detectable, and others not understandable.

The PrePostSEO OCR tool is capable of recognizing and processing several font formats. It massively enhances the versatility of the software, making it highly operational.

Poorly scanned and Low-resolution photos: Your photo might not be in the best form when it is uploaded on the engine. Furthermore, one common problem with old images is low resolution.

The tool is designed in such a way as to efficiently scan these poorly taken or low-resolution photos and convert them into text with high accuracy.

Identifying Mathematical equations: You might even have to scan a mathematical paper, and that would involve a lot of complex equations. Luckily the tool is also designed to examine any equation that might be in such a document.



The Optical recognition tool presented by PDF4ME is exceptionally reliable and highly precise. It is also effortless to use, and an individual who only has regular expertise with a computer can benefit from it.

Its high-quality processing allows the tool to recognize text in hundreds of different formats and hence generate very high-quality results.

It is packed with excellent features that make it a standout choice. Initially, the tool is free and available online. The premium package is also available for users who intend to use the OCR tool daily and more widely. It is also an excellent choice for commercial use.


Its Other Main Features Include:-

Compatible with Mobiles: For the better convenience of the users, the tool is also available and usable on mobile phones. Whether you have an iPhone or an android, you can use the tool with all its features. You can take a photo from your camera and upload it to the software to begin the conversion.

Protected Extraction: The data and text scanned utilizing the PDF4me OCR tools are protected over SSL and https. Furthermore, all uploaded information is inevitably erased after one hour of handling. Files allocated done emails and through links will automatically expire within 14 days from the sharing date.

Quick recognition and quality results: The data inserted in the software is quickly recognized by the software, and then it is processed. The results displayed at the end of the conversion are in the most exceptional quality that you could achieve.

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