Exploring Lesser-Known Messaging Apps: Beyond Big Names

Exploring Lesser-Known Messaging Apps

If you are a smartphone user then you will definitely have messaging or chatting apps on your phone and it is natural to have them because it is really very important in today’s time. But in the name of messaging apps, doesn’t it seem boring to use only WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc. which are very popular all over the world? Or doesn’t it feel like there should be something more interesting or different?

There are some lesser-known messaging apps around the world that you should definitely try once. Who knows which app will provide you with such features and other things that you will start leaving even the popular apps behind?

So if you are looking for some chatting apps that are less popular or not popular at all then this guide will guide you like a good companion.

Best Lesser-Known Messaging Apps

1. Telegram

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Are you shocked to see the first name of the Telegram app in this list? Did it occur to you that this app is quite popular, so what is its place in this list? You don’t need to be shocked or worried because this app is undoubtedly popular but we are talking about chatting in which is still very underrated.

This app is very popular for its fun bots, downloading movies or videos, exchanging many types of links, joining many groups, etc. but it is still not so popular for chatting or messaging. So if you want something new by changing some apps in your messaging world, then you can definitely try Telegram once. 

Chatting Features:

  • End-to-End Encryption: Although it doesn’t automatically enable it for all chats, Telegram also offers the feature of end-to-end encryption which you can use for secret chats.
  • Large File Sharing: In all the other chatting apps you use, there are many restrictions regarding file sharing, whereas it is not so here because after taking its paid subscription, you can easily share files up to 4 GB.
  • Folders: On Telegram, you can organize all your chats in different folders so that it will be easier for you to find them.
  • Changing Number: Here, if you want to remove your number from your account and add another one, then you will not have the risk of losing your data because you can change your number without deleting chats and contacts.

2. Signal

Signal is also a messaging app which, despite being well-known, is still very less popular compared to other popular apps. But this app gives priority to the privacy of users and along with keeping your data secure, it also provides a strong encryption feature.

You can definitely try it once if you want to try something different from all those apps that have taken their popularity to heights with huge user bases all over the world.


  • Disappearing Messages: Just as in most of the apps nowadays, there is an option to make the messages disappear after a certain time, similarly in this also you get this option.
  • End-to-end Encryption: Signal provides end-to-end encryption for all chats and you don’t have to enable secret chats or any other option.
  • File Sharing: In this, you can share files like images, videos, etc. with your friends and any contact in a completely secure manner.
  • Encrypted Voice & Video Calls: With a good internet connection, you can make voice or video calls to your contacts with this app, in very good quality and completely encrypted.

3. Wire

Wire is another competitor in the encrypted messaging space. It’s sleek, user-friendly, and provides a unique twist on the standard configuration. While it does not automatically encrypt all communications, as some applications do, you may easily enable end-to-end encryption for private chats. Consider it like having a private vault within the app for your most confidential information.

Wire also allows you to customize your experience by paying a modest price to unlock services such as file sharing and group discussions.


  • Storage Encryption: Whatever you chat or share files on Wire App is encrypted which is stored on its server, so you do not need to worry related to it.
  • End-to-End Encryption (Optional): Just like there is end-to-end encryption on Telegram but it has to be enabled for secret chats, similarly here too it is not automatically enabled for all chats, you will have to enable it yourself for private chats and guest rooms.
  • For Business Users: While Wire can be used for personal communication, its feature set may be more suited to business collaboration needs.
  • File Sharing: You can easily share files with your friends and other contacts securely through this app.

4. Discord

Discord is a very well-known app in the gaming world, but it still lags behind when it comes to chatting from one person to another. People use this app for things like group chat, meme sharing, group voice chat, etc. but it has never emerged as a messenger app and that is why this app is included in our list of lesser-known apps.

In this, you get everything that you need in a messenger app, so you can definitely try it once.


  • Formatting and Customization of Text: This app lets you customize your text while chatting so that you can add some spice to your messages and express it in a better way.
  • Screen Sharing: With the help of its screen sharing option, you can show your screen to your friend or see his/her during a voice call. Its advantage is that if you are unable to fix any problem by yourself, you can easily fix it with the help of your friend by sharing the screen.
  • Custom Emojis: You can make your own emojis and use them in your conversations to give them individuality and fun, building a sense of community within your server.

5. Threema

It’s packed with features to keep your messages private.  The program uses advanced encryption to scramble your messages, rendering them unreadable unless someone has a specific key to open them.

Plus, Threema allows you to arrange hidden one-on-one chats or even private talks in which you are the sole participant, which is ideal for keeping those fleeting ideas to yourself. 

The best part is – It is 100% free, with some amazing themes to customize your experience.


  • Disappearing Messages: You can manually turn on the chat disappearing feature in this app so that your messages will automatically disappear after a certain period of time.
  • End-to-end Encryption: In this app, the option of end-to-end encryption is enabled by default for all your chats, so only you and the person receiving your messages can read them.
  • Lock: You can set a passcode lock on this app so that no one else except you can open it and this also provides some strength to your security.
  • Voice Messages &  File Sharing: You can make your chatting experience even easier by sending voice messages and sharing your photos, videos, and other files with your contacts.

Tips To Choose An App For You

Although all the apps are good in their own way, some have more features and some have better security, so selecting an app for yourself can be a bit stressful on your mind. 

Follow the tips to choose the app:

  • Try All The Apps Once: If you want to ensure which app will be right for you as per your comfort and by looking at the interface of the apps, then you can try using all the apps one by one.
  • Easy to Use: Whichever app you find easy to use and does not face any kind of difficulty in using it, then you can definitely make that app your new messenger app.
  • User Reviews: Before downloading any app, you can check the user reviews on its official source, you can consider the app whose reviews are good, and more.
  • Feature Rich: You should use the messenger app which has the features you want in an app. And also all the basic features should be there like file sharing, video calls, voice calls, etc.
  • Privacy & Security: The most important thing for such apps is whether they provide you security and privacy or not and if they do, then what type. Do you value robust encryption and data security? Look for apps that support end-to-end encryption.


This guide is your key to discovering these hidden treasures. We’ve discussed apps like Telegram (quite feature-rich for talking!), Signal (focuses on anonymity), and even those tailored to certain requirements, such as Discord for gamers.

Remember, the perfect app depends on you. Want absolute security? Try Signal or Threema. Do you want to share large files? Telegram might be your thing.

So abandon the familiar and embrace the unfamiliar! With a little investigation, you might just discover your new favorite method to connect.

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