Family Icon – Top 5 Websites To Create Your Icon’s

Family Icon If you want to start up a new family business like any restaurant, Shopping collection, hotel et cetera. If you want to Make your business a brand that More people are aware of your business then the very first step to influence your business among people is their logo.

If you are dealing with the business related to families then I think your logo would be related to a family Icon.

It is said that –“The very first impression is the last impression”, so your branding depends on your logo. The more impressive your logo is the more people aware about you. It totally depends on branding and branding improvements by the logo icon.

In this post we help those kind of businesses, dealing with the family. Here we added few of the websites where you can create your family icon for your Running business or you are thinking out to run your business. This is the very first step to move on the next step of your business.

Top Five Websites To Create Your Family Icon:

1. Flaticon


In this website you can create your own family Icon using hundreds of icons in it. The site is absolutely free for personal and commercial purposes. In this website you can create your Family I can for your business by making changes in this. For using their services you have to register first.

Yeah you can edit icons. You can change the background colour, write something on the icon, you can choose your suitable one among the hundreds of family icons.

So here you can create your own logo which suits your business.


2. Freepik


In our list freepik are of number two, this website also provides an amazing logo creation experience. There are more than 6000 family Icon resources On which you can select any one which suits you most.

In this website there are two types of logo you can create. Some logos, you can get free but for the premium one you have to pay some amount. But the good thing about this website is that there are thousands of resources available so you can choose any one which suits the business family icon most.

Here also the same procedure, You can register first after then you enter the website and create your logo or icon.


3. Icons8


This is an absolutely amazing website, Here you can edit many things in your family icon like regular, overlay, you can change the text also, many effects like – Stoke, pending, background etc…

In this website you can create family icons By your iPhone, Windows, android and all PCs.


4. Noun Project

Noun Project

Non-project agent number four in our list. It is a simple interface family icon downloading website. Here you can download from the icons and you can customise also.

You can save as favourites in the non-project. The procedure Of working is also the same there. First you Register in this website after then login and choose one of the family Icon which you want to edit then download it.




Last but not the least in our list – ICONFINDER, It’s the ultimate site to create 128PX icons. There are free and premium icons that have a level. There are different-different styles and formats of icons available.

Among all the websites this is ultimate because it provides numerous icons to edit and modify also there is a premium plan available. So that your family Icon becomes ultimate and professional.


Some FAQs

1. How To Create An Icon For A Website Android?

Answer – To create an icon for a website Android, please follow these steps –

  • Step 1. First Select your niche.
  • Step 2. After that select an appropriate name (brand) related to your niche.
  • Step 3. Pick any website which provides opportunity to crate icons.
  • step 4. Edit, Create and Download your icon according to you and upload it.
  • Step 5. Finish.


2. How To Create A Site Icon FOr WordPress?

Answer – To create an icon for your wordpress website, please follow these steps –

  • Step 1. First Select your niche.
  • Step 2. After that select an appropriate name (brand) related to your niche.
  • Step 3. Pick any website which provides opportunity to crate icons.
  • step 4. Edit, Create and Download your icon according to yourself.
  • step5. Uplod your icon on wordpress website using customization.
  • Step 6. Finish.


3. Where To Place Social Media Icons On Website?

Answer – To place social media icons on your website,

  • First Option – There are many websites which provides share icons which you can place anywhere on your website. To install these you have to paste the code in the header part of your website after that you can copy the code of social media icons links where you want to show.
  • Second Option – If You are using wordpress then you have to use various plugins and most of the wordpress themes gives inbuild sharing icons.
  • Third Option – Customize button creation.



In this post we recommended these websites, these all sites are very good for creating icons. But based on the creating icons beside these of the sites there are many other websites which also provide very good services. After all the choice is your’s.

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