FAX From iPhone FREE: How to Send and Receive Free Fax

FAX from iPhone
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Technology plays an integral part in making our daily tasks less cumbersome and effortless, thus decreasing effort levels, and sending or receiving a fax remains necessary.

Luckily, however, an app exists that will fulfill this function for iPhone or iPad owners – including two free options and ones tailored specifically to businesses with strict privacy needs.

How to Send and Receive Faxes from iPhone for Free?

Are You Wanting to Fax from iPhone for Free? In order to send and receive free faxes from an iOS 11.0 or later device.

Follow these simple instructions if this is what you are after:

Step – 1. Download FAX.PLUS from the App Store now to experience its features!

Step – 2. Launch the application and register using Gmail; verifying your phone number to complete registration is necessary to finish up.

Step – 3. From your account Dashboard, navigate to the Send Fax tab and type the recipient’s fax number into the To field of Send Fax.

Step – 4. Use the Add File and Text buttons to attach documents and add cover pages when necessary for your fax transmissions.

Step – 5. Use the Send button and your fax will be immediately sent.

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Benefits of iPhone Faxing?

Benefits Of IPhone Faxing

Many offices and organizations rely heavily on fax as part of daily productivity, but an online fax service with its own iOS app offers distinct advantages when sending immediate faxes:

1. Convenience and accessibility:

With mobile fax apps on an iPhone, sending and receiving fax transmissions won’t require using an analog machine – you don’t even have to spend time searching for nearby machines; work can continue uninterrupted because these top apps notify users instantly about incoming faxes!

2. Mobile Productivity:

The iPhone has become a powerful resource for productivity on the go.

As one of the most powerful computers you have access to at any one time, taking full advantage of what its power brings can only increase productivity on-the-go.

When using its Fax capabilities you are assured of receiving a quality user experience similar to what would be found with desktop or laptop computers.

3. Security and Confidentiality:

Transact with confidence knowing that top online fax apps utilize 256-bit end-to-end encryption technology as well as cloud storage services that safeguard both your account and data at every turn.

4. Flexible Pricing Plans:

Many online fax services provide subscription and pay-per-fax pricing models. This enables businesses of any kind to take advantage of an fax machine without incurring its associated expenses and hassles. Plus, online services cost significantly less!

5. Sustainable business practices:

Online faxing reduces paper and ink consumption. Not only will this save on costs but it will help the global fight against climate change while freeing up office space that would otherwise go towards housing fax machines and their related supplies.

Is it safe to fax from an iPhone?

Yes. FAX employs top-tier data encryption, automated and manual application security audits, two-factor authentication, and single sign-on (SSO).

Fax files sent over our network are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), with its unique keys assigned per user.

Do I need a fax machine to send or receive faxes?

FAX provides an elegant and simple solution for sending online faxes via computer, Gmail, or the FAX app on iPhone/iPad/Android. So now it is as effortless to send or recieve any fax from anywhere at any time as simply tapping your screen!

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