The Five Most Desirable Neighborhoods In Atlanta For 2020

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When you are planning on moving to Atlanta or moving around Atlanta, there are some neighborhoods that you need to keep in mind. The city itself has grown quite a lot to include many metropolitan neighborhoods there close to the perimeter.

As you read, remember that you can move near the center of the city or move to the outer edge of the city to find a nice place to live. Continue reading if you are searching for a new home or condo that puts you in the heart of it all.

1. Buckhead


Suddath Atlanta local movers can move you to Buckhead if you would like to be close to Lenox Mall, Phipps Plaza, much more shopping, and some exciting new high rises. There are many people who move down here because they can walk to work.

There are other residents that want to live near the clubs and bars, and there are still more who want to live in a high-rise that is attached to a shopping center.

2. Vinings

Vinings is on the western edge of the city limits near the perimeter. These homes have an Atlanta address, but you are closer to some of the suburban charms than you might like.

If you are a native, you might live in Vinings to enjoy city living while also living close to family. You can easily get on the highway to get into the city, and the modern shopping and restaurants make this an incredible place for young people to live.

3. Grant Park


Grant Park is a hidden gem of the city that will surprise you. A lot of people who live outside of Atlanta do not realize how many nice homes are in this area. Grant Park is the home of Zoo Atlanta, and you can easily go to other attractions that are not that far away.

This is a lovely place to walk your dog during the day, or you could drive into Buckhead to shop. Grant Park is so quiet that many families move there because they need to feel a bit cloistered by the noise in the city.

4. Downtown Decatur

Downtown Decatur sits on the eastern edge of the Atlanta city limits. You will live in Dekalb County instead of Fulton County when you move to Decatur. Downtown Decatur has its own charms, and you would happily walk your dog in this area every night after getting home from work in the middle of the city. You have a short drive to Atlanta, or you could ride MARTA from downtown Decatur station.

5. Westview


Westview has increased its profile because of the advent of the Beltline project. The Beltline is an incredible new park that rings the city while following an old train line.

The homes in the Westview area take up just a few blocks on the Beltline where you can walk, run, or picnic. You are still very close to the center of the city, and you can live in a brand-new home that was designed just for this neighborhood.

When you are ready to move to Atlanta or move around Atlanta, you can find a mover who will take you to any of these stunning neighborhoods.

You could live comfortably in Vinings or Buckhead if you would like to be close to all the hustle and bustle that this city can provide. However, you might move to Grant Park, Westview, or downtown Decatur if you would like to live quietly.

Some of these locations are so quiet that you do not realize you are close to the number four media market in all of America.

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