Most Occuring Fortnite Error Codes and Their Fixes Guide

Fortnite Error Codes
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Fortnite is considered one of the most popular games among the battle royale community. Epic Games developed the game. Unlike what you play as traditional multiplayer, this game comes with a single, large map for different reasons. 

It’s likely to encounter few players if you just started. The game starts when you, as a player, drop into a map with or without the team. It has 99 more players alongside, aiming to reach the center of the map and be the last player to win the match. 

However, since its release, the players have faced various bugs. Some get fixed by the developer, but it’s common to see those errors appear after the update. It can be a nuisance and cause trouble to the gaming experience. These codes can prevent you from logging in, joining the matches, and even corrupting the files. 

You can restart your game, PC console, and launcher. But if it didn’t solve your issue, here is an in-depth guide to getting the most occurring fortunate issues fixed. 

What Are The Common Error Codes You Might Have In Fortnight?

Fortnite Common Error Codes

Error codes are common, and they can happen regardless of what platform you choose. But some of the common error codes that players might face in Fortnight include –

  • 20002 – It’s one of the most common errors, especially for PC players. This caused issues with logging in and connecting to matches and can limit access to certain features in the game.
  • 91 – The code error is another common one that hits when the player least expects it. Due to this, you failed the join party due to a connectivity issue. Mainly, it occurs if you are using a platform like a mobile device, PC, or gaming console. 
  • 93 – It’s a connection-related issue that depends on several factors, including bugs in public parties or integration glitches. 
  • 8 – The code error is a general error that mostly occurs when you have an internet issue. Also, it can be related to game files. It mostly appears as  ‘You may or may not need an update.’ However, the error can be seen if you are using a platform like PlayStation. 
  • 23 – The error message appears as ‘Launch Error.’ You might take it as a fortnight crash with Easy anti-cheat software. But it’s not that. The code may appear due to a bad launch, server issues, internet connection, and corrupt files. 
  • 30007 – Its specific error is related to DSE or Driver Signature Enforcement. The code error is rare, but the player might face it occasionally. DSE is a security measure that helps prevent unsigned drivers from getting installed in the system. 
  • 22 – Running into this code might be the worst thing. Fortnight error 22 is a common issue. It stops the player from launching the game. The launch error comes with a message like ‘Game client encountered an application error.’
  • Vpn Error  – The error mostly occurs when you are running the game using the emulator. It includes using different leagues via the poor  VPN or mods for enhancing the game potential, like unlocking gadgets on a high level. 
  • 15 – The player might encounter Error 15 while they play; the pop-up shows when you launch the Fortnight. It incidents the issue of connecting with the game server. 
  • As – 1041 – This error might show up as ‘Sign in Failed.’ The error makes the player unable to log into accounts. 
  • 0 – The error code shows up when there is an issue with the anti-cheat system of the game. It makes the system unable to connect or causes issues in running since it has a restricted administrator. 

How To Solve These Codes?

Well, it’s understandable to feel frustrated and annoyed, especially if you are playing in a competition or even just a beginner. 

The code errors can make the experience terrible. But the good news is that solving these codes is relatively easy, and you can do it, too.  Here is the solution you should follow – 

1. Fortnite Error Code 20002 

To ensure there is no scheduled maintenance, check the server status. It also shows if you have an outage or downtime. If the server is down, it might also be the reason for error code 20002. 

  • Recheck the internet connection and make sure it’s stable. And lastly, restart your system. 
  • If the problem is still there, you can reinstall the Easy Anti Cheat. Or update the graphic card drivers and launch the game as an administrator. Verify the Fortnight game files’ integrity. 

2. Fortnite Error Code 91

To solve this window-based system error, you can follow these steps. 

  • Start with a registry cleaner tool for repairing the damaged configurations. This should be done in the installation and computer registry.
  • You can run the antivirus scanner; this will check if any virus or malware is present in your computer.
  • You can also verify the game files of Fortnight and fix if you get any corrupt game files. Continue with a game to see if the problem is still there. 
  • Another one is to reinstall your game and install the latest version.

3. Fortnite Error Code 93 

To fix this, you can change in-game skin. For this, go to your account equipment section. Select a new skin and go back to the game. Try again to follow the new player invitation. 

You can also fix this by changing the lobby to public instead of keeping it private. When you change it to public, it allows anyone with an invitation to join. 

If you want a workaround, add your friend to the Epic account and join the party.  But if all solutions fail, it means there is a server issue. In this case, wait until the error gets fixed to continue with your game. 

4. Fortnite Error Code 8

The Playstation 4-related issue can be solved; check the updates. Also, see if you have the latest version of the game. Keeping all software up to date, de-installing the game, and reinstalling it again can help. 

5. Fortnite Error Code 23

To solve this, you can do a window update. Make sure your system has the latest updates.  

Here, you can reinstall the GPU drivers. Also, verify the game file integrity; if needed, update or reinstall Fortnight. 

You can run antivirus software to look for viruses and malware. 

6. Fortnite Error 30007

To solve this, start by pressing the start ( window ) button. Next, go to the search box, type “cmd,” and enter. 

You get the command filed, enter bcdedit set TESTSIGNING OFF, and then bcdedit set NOINTEGRITYCHECKS OFF. 

Once it is done, reboot your system and restart it to check if the error is still there or not. 

7. Fortnite Error 22

Here is an easy solution – 

  • Make sure your computer is updated.  You can reinstall the game. 
  • Start the game and run it as administrator; start it again. 
  • Sometimes, antivirus software can block. Turn it off or change the setting to let the game run.
  • Check your server status and see if any connection or server issues are going on. 

8. Fortnite Error Vpn Error 

Fortnight has strict rules for user IP addresses. According to their terms and conditions, players are not allowed to block IP, which can lead to an IP ban. 

Use a VPN to reduce such issues. If you have an IP ban, using a VPN provider can help solve the problem. 

9. Fortnite Error 15

To solve this, go to your Device Manager and log in. Start with uninstalling your network adapter and restart it. 

10. Fortnite Error As – 1041

Check your computer or ping. Next is to run the epic launcher. Here, you can log in to the game. If it fails, check the server status of your game on Epic Game. See if there is an issue from their side. 

11. Fortnite Error 0

To fix the error 0, you need to open the Fortnite folder. Go to FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64 and right-click. Here, select the properties and click on compatibility. 

Now go to “Run this program as an administrator” and check the box.  Choose to apply and OK. The same steps will be followed for Fornitelauncher, FortniteClient-Win-64-Shipping-BE, and ForniteClient-Win64-Shipping-EAC.


Facing these error codes is never going to be fun. However, they are temporary and also have an easy solution. Fortnight is a huge game and is loved by its dedicated community. 

It’s not a surprise to see these bugs and errors. In case of any problem, they have Epic Games support providing assistance and contact information on the official website. 

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