how to get free tablet from government?

How To Get Free Tablet From Government

How to get free tablet from government? Free tablets for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 25 to 25 years of age: what is the best way can you make a request for them?

Enacom is responsible of distributing the free government tablets. As of Wednesday, have the coverage was expanded to ensure that more people could benefit. Furthermore, several organizations who receive payments through Anses as well as holders of Progresar Scholarships are now included.

how to get free tablet from government?

Another group will be able to take advantage of the tablets that are free and offered from the National Communications Entity (Enacom). In the Official Bulletin, the incorporation of youth between the ages of 15 and 25 old to “Connecting with You” was made possible ” Connecting with You ” program was initiated.

This benefit is a part of other related measures taken by Anses and other ministries for instance the Ministry of Education with the expansion of the Progresar Scholarships as well as a bonus of $5,000 provided by Mas Cultura Joven, and the Ministry of Social Development with the distribution of the year-end reward to Promoting Work, among additional benefits, which were made available in 2021 despite there being no emergency family income ( IFE4 ).

The extension of the distribution of tablets for free to young individuals aged between 15 and 25 was published on Wednesday by the Official Gazette and establishes that those who are beneficiaries are recipients of Universal Child Allowance ( AUH ), Universal Pregnancy Allowance ( AUE ), retirees and pensioners of monotributistas as well as students who have been awarded Progresar Scholarships. Progresar Scholarships.

Who is able to access the tables at no cost?

The recipients from the “Connected with You” program accepted through ENACOM Resolution No. 448/2021 are youngsters aged between (15) and Twenty-Five (25) years old which are part of the assumptions listed in the following sections:

A) Youth who are part of National, Provincial or Municipal programmes of support for education or educational re-linking in secondary school, at-school adult, higher education universities, or any other management of the state.

b) Students who are enrolled in vocational schools or in job-training courses, or other informal classes that have been approved by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security.

C) Children who are beneficiaries under The Employment Promotion Programs of the MINISTRY OF LABOUR, EMPLOYMENT, AND SOCIAL Security.

d) Youth who take part in sports, and cultural projects for social, cultural, and other things, endorsed through Governments such as National Government, the Provincial and/or Municipal Authorities.


A) beneficiaries of Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and the Pregnancy Allowance (AUE), and their children aged between SIXTEEN (16) to EIGHTEEN (18) and older, as well as members of their group family members (father/mother and spouse or partner).

B) Beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions who earn an income per month that is not more than two (2) Minimum Mobile and Vital Salaries and their children aged between SIXTEEN (16) between SIXTEEN (16) and EIGHTEEN (18) aged.

C) registered users as well as those who are registered under the Social Monotax Regime as well as their children/tenure ranging between SIXTEEN (16) between SIXTEEN (16) and EIGHTEEN (18) years old.

d) Retired males and females pensioners and pensioners and employees in a dependency relationship that are paid a gross amount that is less or equivalent to two (2) Minimum Vital or Mobile Salaries and their children or tenure between SIXTEEN (16) to EIGHTEEN (18) year old.

E) Monotax workers registered and classified in a group whose annual incomes do not exceed two (2) Minimum Mobile and Vital Wages, as well as their children/tenure that is between SIXTEEN (16) between SIXTEEN (16) and EIGHTEEN (18) aged. For more information, you can follow them on their Twitter page.

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