Friends Call Me Tutu App User: What Is It & How To Stop it?

Tutu App User

Have you ever been labeled a “Tutu App user” by someone else while playing online games? If you don’t know what that implies, you’re not alone!  However, your friends who use the term are very likely to be aware of it.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the “Tutu App user” label, including what it is, why you might be called it, and how to navigate the situation.

What Is Tutu?

Imagine a treasure trove of apps and games not found in the usual app stores, a secret world just for your phone! That’s the Tutu App in a nutshell.

It unlocks a whole new dimension, letting you download and enjoy paid games and apps for free on both Android and iOS devices. It’s like a magic portal to a wider world of mobile entertainment!

Why Everyone Call Me Tutu App User?

As you have now come to know what the Tutu App is, then you will think that it is only a third-party app store, so what is there in it that everyone calls you a Tutu App user?

Let me tell you that this Tutu app has been highlighted for some time since games like PUBG are growing at a rapid pace in the world of Esports.

It provides you with some such apps that are illegal and help in playing online games like PUBG wrongly, in simple words they help in hacking.

As esports is progressing, some people have got entry into it with the help of Tutu App by hacking but the good thing is that many of them have been thrown away from it but because of this Tutu App This trend is becoming common among normal players also.

Here are some reasons:

  • They Notice Something Abnormal: It is possible that if you are playing a game with your friends, they may have noticed something abnormal in your gameplay or anything else, then it is possible that they may have started calling you Tutu User.
  • Sometimes You Play Extraordinary: Sometimes it happens that when you play a game, you suddenly change your gameplay style from your usual to something better and extraordinary, which makes your teammates think that you are using some hacks.
  • They Make Fun Of You: Like Tutu app is very popular, nowadays people use the word Tutu instead of hacker or anything else. If your game is below average and you still play games with your friends, they may make fun of you by calling you Tutu as sarcasm.
  • You Really Used It: If you really use this app or have ever used it and your friends or teammates know about it, then for this reason they may also call you a Tutu user.

How To Stop It?

If you do not like that anyone calls you a hacker or anything like that, then it is important for you to keep some things in mind which are given below.

  • Tell Your Friends Directly: If your friends say such things to you then talk to them directly and tell them not to call you with such words.
  • Show Your Recorded Gameplay To Them: If people think that you are improving your gameplay by using some third-party apps but it is not so, then you can record your gameplay and show it to your teammates to clear all the doubts.
  • Delete Tutu App Now: If for any reason you install the Tutu app on your device, then uninstall it now so that this stigma against you will be removed.

How To Handle It?

If you get criticism regarding the fact that you use Tutu App, then to some extent this thing remains tolerable but after that this thing turns into frustration, then for this you should learn to handle this thing.

  • Ignore Everyone: Those people who criticize you or say anything and do not understand after explaining, then instead of taking their words to your mind, start ignoring them so that they will stop doing all this after some time.
  • Take It In A Positive Way: If you do not use Tutu app and even after watching your gameplay people call you a hacker or something like that, then you should take this thing in a positive way. You should just think that even if people call you a hacker, you know that you are very clean and you should be proud of this.


Being called a “Tutu App user” can be a perplexing and irritating experience, especially if you are unfamiliar with the program or have never used it.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, remember to discuss it directly with your friends. Open communication can help to clear up any misunderstandings and prevent additional harassment.

Furthermore, avoiding the app entirely and instead using approved app stores assures ethical gaming and safeguards your device from potential security issues.

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