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Kya aapko pata nahin Tara Singh kaun hai
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Gadar 2, the new part of Gadar Ek Prem Katha, has recently released its trailer. The trailer begins with a Crush India moment set in Pakistan in 1971.

Next, we see that an officer suggests Tara Singh not to go Pakistan; he says there are chances of war in Pakistan and you cannot go to Pakistan.

Kya aapko pata nahin Tara Singh kaun hai
Tara Singh: Kya aapko pata nahin Tara Singh kaun hai?

Sunny Deol is seen in his old style in this tailer, and his dialogue is “Kya aapko pata nahin Tara Singh kaun hai?” Will make you whistle.

torturing Jeete

In the very next scene, a Pakistani officer named “Hamid Iqbal” has been shown who is shown torturing Jeete. Now who will go to Pakistan to take him?

After that Sunny Deol goes to Pakistan to pick up the Jeete, and then whatever comes in his hands, he vandalises everything with hammer, lathi, missiles.

Most notably his song “Main Nikla Gaddi Leke” in Gadar 2 has been used to bring back the same nostalgia which is a great thing.

Overall, Gadar 2 will prove to be a blockbuster and all the characters have played their roles well, but somewhere there will be one missing person, that of the legendary actor Amrish Puri.

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Gadar 2 Movie Download filmyhit

Gadar 2 Movie Download Filmyhit, Please, friends, at least do not watch Gadar 2 movie from such pirated websites. You go to your nearest cinema hall and go there and watch this movie only by taking cheap tickets, if not more expensive.

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There are many such websites which upload the print copy of the cinema hall of the movie on their website and people watch that useless quality movie for free. What is the use of watching such a movie in which you do not understand everything.

By the way, avoid downloading links as well and along with these, virus Malviya can still come in your system or phone. So be careful with all these and be safe.

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