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Gambling Solutions For Profitable iGaming Business

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Are you aware of the iGaming business? Do you know the iGaming business is currently in its best phase and is expected to double in a span of a few years?

If you wish to enter into the iGaming business, here are some options you can get your hands on.

1. Online Casino Software

Online casinos are the most popular gambling solution. Have you come across an online casino? Some of the big names include Betway, Bet365, and many others. Each of these online casinos makes use of an online casino software within their website.

If you like to start your online casino, you can embed this software on your website.


  • Faster implementation within 24 hours
  • Less time consuming and more responsive
  • Affordable as compared to other solutions
  • Wide range of games


2. Sportsbook Software

Sportsbook software is another popular gambling solution for the iGaming business. Sportsbook is a platform where users love to place bets over live sports games. There are a variety of sports covered under this platform to place bets on, like different football leagues, cricket leagues, basketball, rugby, horse racing, and many more.

Each game has several betting options to make betting more fun. A sportsbook software can also be embedded on a new or an existing website as per convenience.


  • Easy to start a gambling platform
  • Manages a job of bookmaker well
  • Attractive and intuitive
  • Let’s you choose a layout of your choice
  • Can be customized as per needs


3. Live Betting Software

Live betting software is a gambling solution that allows players to bet on games while they are still on. Usually, the bet has to be applied before the game starts under an online sportsbook. However, live betting software allows bettors to bet during the play, increasing the odds of winning the bet.

Live betting software is gaining more popularity due to its increased possibility of winning the bet. You can make a more experienced bet in live betting software.


  • Can be embedded on new or current website
  • Allows players to watch live streaming of matches at the same time
  • More profitable for bookies


4. Live Casino Software

The live casino software is a gambling solution that allows players to place bets in real money. There are virtual dealers in a live casino and sometimes live dealers that deal with the cards. Live casino includes live table games like Roulette, blackjack, Teen Patti, Poker, and more.


  • Attracts more audience to the site
  • Live dealers provide land-based casino feels
  • Variety of live casino games


5. Virtual Sports Betting Software

Unlike sportsbook or live sports betting software, virtual sports betting software enables players to place bets on sports games anytime. This platform is popular when there are no live games. This usually happens during off-seasons.

Virtual sports betting software allows bettors to gamble round the year without game delays. Such software is usually more popular when no live matches are held during the offseason.


  • Allows sports betting round the year
  • Players can indulge in gambling at anytime
  • Players have the advantage to choose from various betting options


6. Affiliate System

An affiliate system is a marketing system where you promote the other iGaming business solutions. You choose to work for other iGaming solutions to attract traffic to their online gambling platform.

In return, the affiliate gets the commission for driving traffic to their website.

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