Gang Beasts Keyboard Controls: Use Your Keyboard To Dominate

Gang Beasts Keyboard Controls
Written by Naina Khare

Gang Beasts is a terrific party game for players of all ages and ability levels because of its simple controls and amusing physics. Everyone plays this game with a controller on Xbox, PS4, etc. but you can master this game with the help of a keyboard.

Learning the keyboard controls is one of the finest methods for getting better in Gang Beasts. The keyboard controls are not simple and easy to learn, they require practice to master.

So with the help of this article, you will know about the “Gang Beasts Keyboard Controls” which will help you a lot in dominating your opponents in this game.

Gang Beasts Keyboard Controls

If you want to play this game on PC, which is slowly becoming a trend because people are using controllers less and keyboards more, then you must know well about all its controls. But if you also want to know the controls of Xbox and Playstation, then you do not need to go anywhere else or do much research because you will also get these below which will make your work very easy. 

Here are the controls of the Gang Beasts game:

1. PC Keyboard Controls


  • W – Move forward
  • S – Move backward
  • A – Move left
  • D – Move right
  • Spacebar – Jump
  • Ctrl – Duck
  • Shift – Run


  • Left Arrow Key – Previous camera angle
  • Right Arrow Key – Next camera angle
  • Up Arrow Key – Rotate the camera up
  • Down Arrow Key – Rotate the camera down


  • Z – Left punch
  • X – Right punch
  • C – Grab
  • V – Taunt
  • M – Kick


  • Spacebar + M – Dropkick
  • Left Arrow Key + Z – Left headbutt
  • Right Arrow Key + Z – Right headbutt
  • Left Arrow Key + X – Left throw
  • Right Arrow Key + X – Right throw
  • C + Up Arrow Key – Leap-up climb
  • C + Down Arrow Key – Slide

2. Controls For PlayStation


  • W – Move forward
  • S – Move backward
  • A – Move left
  • D – Move right
  • X – Jump
  • Triangle – Lift
  • Circle – Duck
  • Square – Kick
  • Left stick – Also to move around


  • D-Pad Left: Previous camera angle
  • D-Pad Right: Next camera angle
  • D-Pad Up: Rotate the camera up
  • D-Pad Down: Rotate the camera down


  • L1: Left punch
  • R1: Right punch
  • L2: Grab
  • R2: Taunt


  • L2 + Triangle: Left throw
  • R2 + Circle: Right throw
  • L2 + L1: Left headbutt
  • R2 + R1: Right headbutt
  • L2 + D-Pad Up: Leap-up climb
  • L2 + D-Pad Down: Slide
  • X + Square: Dropkick

3. Xbox Controls


  • A – Jump
  • X – Run
  • B – Duck


  • D-Pad Left – Previous camera angle
  • D-Pad Right – Next camera angle
  • D-Pad Up – Rotate the camera up
  • D-Pad Down – Rotate the camera down


  • LB – Left punch
  • RB – Right punch
  • Y – Grab
  • X – Kick
  • A – Taunt


  • A + X – Dropkick
  • LB + RB – Left headbutt
  • LB + RB + B – Right headbutt
  • LB + Y – Left throw
  • RB + Y – Right throw
  • LB + D-Pad Up – Leap-up climb
  • LB + D-Pad Down – Slide

Advanced Keyboard Controls Techniques

  • Mashing Buttons: Button mashing is a simple yet efficient strategy for overwhelming your opponents with a torrent of assaults. Simply press the attack buttons quickly and often to accomplish this. This is very handy when dealing with opponents that are attempting to grab you.
  • Chaining Combos: Once you’ve mastered the fundamental controls, you may begin to chain combos together. This is performing a sequence of attacks in rapid succession to cause the most harm to your opponent. There are numerous combinations you can try, so experiment to see what works best for you.

Keyboard Vs Controller

It’s up to you whether a keyboard or a controller is better for playing Gang Beasts or any other game. Some players prefer the precision and convenience of use that a keyboard provides over their character, while others prefer the simplicity and ease of use that a gaming controller provides.

Here are some pros and cons of keyboard and controller:


More accurate control over movement and attacks.It may be less pleasant to use for extended periods of time.
Keybindings have more flexibility.Learning and mastering can be more difficult.
Can be utilized to execute more complicated combos and techniques.It may not be compatible with all Gang Beasts versions.


More pleasant to use for extended periods of time.Less precise control over movement and attacks.
Less difficult to learn and master.Keybindings have less flexibility.
It is more likely to be compatible with all Gang Beasts versions.Complex combos and techniques are more difficult to execute.

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