Golf Shoes on Sale: Get Your Golfing Shoes Today!

Golf Shoes on Sale
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Golfing has been a prestigious sport since its invention in the 1500s and 1600s. It is one of the most effective ways to socialize and reduce stress when enhancing better mental well-being. Compared to sports like tennis and marathon, golfing is a low-impact physical activity that makes for the best form of exercise.

If you are here today, then you are looking to get yourself a pair of golf shoes before hitting the course. With so many brands selling these shoes, it can be pretty hectic to choose a classic pair for your feet.

If you want to stay stylish and comfortable, you should check out our golf shoes sale in Singapore.


Why Do You Need Comfortable Golfing Shoes?

Despite golfing being a low-impact sport, you get to move your hips, arms, and ankles the most. And while most courses will allow you to play without golfing shoes, you stand the risk of sustaining an ankle injury.

However, you can easily avoid this by getting yourself a pair of golf shoes for your attire. With the proper footwear, you can tackle all terrains, whether they are slippery or sloppy.


How Do You Choose Your Golfing Shoes?

Golfing, like any other sport, draws its speed and power from ground forces and your body. When you hit the ball, you engage ground forces to create a rotational torque that generates the clubhead speed.

To master the speed and power, you need a firm stand on the ground. But, the only thing standing between you and the grass under your feet is a pair of shoes.

Now, do you understand why having the right pair of golf shoes is crucial?

Golf Shoes on Sale

Golf shoes can be:

1. Classic

These are the traditional hardened plastic sole fixed with metal spikes. Therefore, you get a sturdy sole since the spike will help you get more grip as you rotate.


2. Spike-less

If you are going for a more casual look, this is the perfect pair to complete your golfing attire. Instead of the metal spikes, the sole has hardened dimples.

Since there are no metals, it is lighter and more comfortable. However, you lose out on some of that traction you get with the classic type of shoes.

You can buy a pair of breathable spikeless at our golf shoe sale in Singapore for as low as $139. You can also purchase wide E golf shoes from $179 to $329.


3. Boots

Golfing is not a summer sport. So, when it rains, you do not have to avoid the course. Boots allow you to enjoy golfing in wet and muddy conditions.

These boots come with interchangeable spikes and are waterproof. However, they are heavier and not as comfortable as the spikeless golf shoes. Also, it limits the amount of movement above your ankles.


4. Sandals

When it’s too hot to wear shoes or boots, then sandals are your next option. They come with spikes on the sole but are not as stable as a pair of shoes.

Leather golfing shoes are by far the most common shoes. Also, you want to go for waterproof yet breathable golfing shoes to avoid moisture build-up that often leads to fungal and microbial growth.

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