Growing Industries And Professions That Will Define The Coming Decade

Growing Industries And Professions
Written by Sawyer Bennett

The rapid technological advancement throughout the country and the ongoing pandemic has pushed many industries to cut down labour and upgrade their production processes. The automation process has put the jobs of 7 million Australian workers at risk of being replaced with robotic augmentation and artificial intelligence.

Estimations state that about 2.7 million Australians can have their jobs replaced by automation by the end of 2034. With emerging industries like Australia’s energy sector and many Australian film production companies, this article points out the various industries and occupations in high demand in the future.

Different Sectors That Will Create More Employment:

1. Healthcare

The pandemic has shown that every country, including Australia, was in dire need of an upgrade of its healthcare sectors. With the growing demand for nurses, dental practitioners and doctors and the rise in medical technology providing more longevity, the healthcare sector is sure to rise in size in the future.


2. Film Production

Film Production

No matter how much advanced technology is in use, people will always want means to find an escape from reality. Films and movies can only provide the thrill of adventure and leisure. With the advent of Virtual Reality and better definition and video quality, film industries will see more demand in the coming years with more Australian film production companies providing employment opportunities.


3. Renewal Energy

Renewal energy is another highly demanded sector in the country. With the slow shift of many states and the rest of the world from fossil fuels to renewable sources and the need to reduce climate change, the upcoming industries will create more jobs shaped around them in the future. These can include positions in electric mobility sectors like electric scooters and electric vehicles to solar-powered automation.


4. Cybersecurity And Software Technology


With the growing need for implementing advanced technology in various industries to increase production capacity and efficiency, software technology will see a rise in demand in the future. Different jobs will be available in artificial intelligence and augmentation, data handling and data protection.


5. Agriculture And Farming

Food industries are irreplaceable by any other means. So the demand for food will be an all-time high as usual. With the increase in population in the country, the need for faster ways to produce more quality food will rise, creating more occupations and employment in organic farming, online grocery sales and advanced farming technology.


6. Construction And Engineering

Residential Locksmith

There will always be a need for better working spaces and residential complexes. This need will put construction workers and engineers in high demand for the upcoming years as higher quality structures, and industries will rise. Consequently, this will put various jobs like construction workers, managers, engineers, and electrical technicians in a higher demand and employability rate in the country.


With the future of technological advancements, employers looking for jobs should ensure that workers will not lose their occupations to automation. Future financial security should be a priority, so upgrade one’s skills and branch towards alternative and highly demanded careers.

Jobs that are estimated to not exist by 2030 include:

  • Postal services and couriers.
  • Taxi drivers
  • Public librarians
  • Bank clerks and tellers
  • Telemarketers
  • Workers in travel agencies
  • Cashiers in many businesses
  • Workers in the textile industries
  • Employers in the printing and media industries

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