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Guide To OTT And CTV Advertising In Rochester, NY: Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

OTT And CTV Advertising

Rochester, NY is more than a charming city with a rich history; it’s also becoming a hotbed of cutting-edge marketing strategies.

This article dives into OTT (Over-The-Top) and CTV (Connected TV) advertising as a means for Rochester businesses to connect with customers in new ways.

From small local companies to massive companies, everyone is stepping on the playing field in their advertising. This guide is your guide, helping you navigate through the complexities of OTT and CTV advertising.

If you’re an experienced marketer who wants to keep up with the times or a business owner looking to reach a wider market this guide will help you with the expertise and tactics you require to get the most value from OTT as well as CTV advertisement.

What Are OTT And CTV Advertising?

OTT and CTV advertising represent two key pillars of digital advertising, providing relevant ads directly into your personal spaces while making them feel less intrusive than personalized recommendations.

They’re revolutionizing how businesses reach their audience one stream at a time.


Imagine yourself comfortably relaxing on your sofa and streaming a favorite show on Netflix or checking the latest news updates on YouTube when suddenly an ad tailored just for you pops up – this is the magic of Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising – like having an internet billboard come right into your living room via streaming!


Let’s say you’re watching content not on your mobile or laptop but instead via devices such as Roku, Apple TV, or a gaming console – this is where CTV (Connected TV) advertising comes into play – think of it like the sophisticated cousin of OTT: it brings personalized ads directly onto the big screen for binge-watching or gaming experiences that integrate with them seamlessly.

Difference Between Both

Imagine yourself at a party. OTT (Over-The-Top) services provide content over the internet without traditional cable or satellite pay-TV subscription services, similar to hosting your own house party where anyone is welcome without needing a party planner.

Now, CTV (Connected TV) acts like another guest at that party. It refers to any television that can connect to the internet and access content beyond what is typically offered through cable providers; like inviting an interesting individual who brings with them their own story and experience to add depth and variety to the celebration.

So while Over-The-Top (OTT) is the more general concept, CTV is one subset. They work as part of one big party together, and though each person plays different roles within that party; working together ensures you experience seamless and tailored viewing! So next time you stream your favorite show online remember you are part of an OTT party with CTV helping ensure everyone has fun!

Examples Of OTT And CTV Advertising

Over-the-top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) advertising are revolutionizing how businesses reach their audiences.

Here are a few examples:

OTT Advertising:

OTT platforms act as personal streaming butlers, providing shows and movies directly to your device through the internet.

Think Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ – they provide all the entertainment you need without traditional cable or satellite subscription fees!

Just like regular television, there may be ads before, during, or after your show – which help pay the piper!

CTV Advertising:

CTV refers to any TV set connected to the internet, such as television sticks, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

When accessing video content via an online service such as Roku or PlayStation or through built-in internet access on Samsung Smart TVs – CTV is always present and these examples of CTV represent one form or another of viewing it on television.

Specific Ad Formats:

  • In-Video Advertisements: These advertisements are built into the streaming video and cannot be skipped. They usually last 15-30 seconds and appear prior to, during, or after specific programs.
  • Pre-roll Interactive Ads: These advertisements appear prior to programming content and allow viewers to click through them and visit a landing page.
  • Home Screen Placement Ads: These ads appear on your home screen.

Benefits Of Using CTV & OTT Ads

  • Increased Reach: Imagine having your ad follow potential customers around! Over-the-top (OTT) and CTV advertising allow businesses to reach people no matter if they’re watching shows on laptops or movies on smart TVs.
  • Tailored advertising: Compared to traditional TV ads, OTT and CTV advertising is smarter: using data to identify those most likely to be interested in your products or services – like having an intimate conversation with each customer about exactly what they require.
  • Adaptability: No need to wait months before finding out if your TV ad was successful: with over-the-top and cable television (OTT/CTV), results can be monitored in real-time, enabling marketers to adjust campaigns midstream ensuring they reach their destination.
  • Measurable Outcomes: Wondering who saw your ad? OTT and CTV advertising provides invaluable data – views, watch time, even click-through rates; giving you a crystal ball view into how well your ad is doing!
  • Economical: Traditional TV advertising can quickly drain your finances. Over-the-top (OTT) and cable television (CTV) advertising provide more cost-effective means of reaching large audiences – like getting prime-time ad placement without its premium cost!

How To Create An OTT/CTV Ad?

  • Recognize your intended audience: At the core of any OTT/CTV ad is its target audience – demographics, interests, and viewing habits must all be understood before beginning the production of an advertisement.
  • Set Clear Objectives: What do you want viewers to do after seeing the ad? This could include anything from visiting your website and making purchases to increasing brand recognition and driving brand loyalty.
  • Select the Platforms You Want: OTT/CTV Ad Market provides access to various streaming platforms. Choose one that best matches your target audience and marketing goals.
  • Make Video Campaigns That Work: Step four is creating your video ad, which should be engaging, relevant to your target audience, and aligned with your marketing goals.

Targeting Options For Effective Rochester Campaigns

The following is a more detailed analysis of your Rochester-based OTT/CTV campaign targeting options:

1. Targeting By Location

  • Geo-fencing: Set virtual fences around specific areas in Rochester, such as neighborhoods, competitor locations, or popular events. Ads will then be sent directly to devices within those zones ensuring your message reaches viewers where they live, work, or play.
  • DMA Targeting: Target viewers based on Rochester’s Designated Market Area (DMA), to ensure your ads reach all areas of the local market.

2. Targeting Behavior

  • Habits of Viewing: Target viewers based on their past viewing behavior across OTT/CTV platforms. For example, if you offer fitness equipment in Rochester, target those who frequently watch fitness-related content.
  • Intention to Purchase: Explore data insights to reach viewers in Rochester who have recently expressed purchase intent for similar products to yours.

3. Demographic Targeting

  • Household details and income: Implement ads targeting audiences within specific income brackets or household sizes, catering your message specifically to their purchasing power and needs.
  • Gender and Age: Target specific age and gender demographics related to your product or service – for instance, targeting young parents in Rochester with family-oriented OTT/CTV content would be ideal.

4. Advanced Techniques For Targeting

  • Similar Audiences: Create a “lookalike audience” based on the demographics and interests of your existing customers to reach new viewers in Rochester who share similar characteristics.
  • Targeting in Context: Deliver ads within content categories relevant to your brand – for instance, promote a new sports apparel line during programming popular in Rochester.

Future Of Advertising In Rochester

Cable cutters are on the rise, which offers businesses new opportunities for reaching customers. Gone are clunky cable boxes; people now stream everything.

That’s where OTT and CTV advertising come into play; like digital billboards reaching viewers through popular streaming apps.

Partner with an agency that understands both tech platforms as well as the Rochester community well – this way your ads resonate with locals while your brand gets noticed!

OTT/CTV advertising helps businesses remain ahead of the competition while Rochester businesses flourish!

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