Game On! 5 Hacks To Conquer Roblox Error Code 279

Roblox Error Code 279

Welcome, fellow gamers! We have all experienced that uncomfortable moment during a thrilling Roblox experience when suddenly Error Code 279 arises and ruins it all for us!

But do not despair: with these five innovative hacks to overcome Roblox Error Code 279 quickly and get back into virtual gaming action again, Game On!

Defining Roblox

Roblox isn’t just another game – it’s an entire interactive world built by and for kids!

Imagine playing games designed by your peers, or even creating your own using Roblox’s special coding language – that’s exactly what Roblox offers!

Best of all, Roblox can be played on nearly every device imaginable: computer, phone, tablet, and even gaming consoles!

And best of all – it is free to play! Plus you can buy awesome stuff using in-game currency (Robux).

Roblox has been around since 2006 – quite amazing! From adventures and creating music to just exploring and discovering something new, there are endless ways in which it keeps players entertained.

What Is Roblox Error Code 279?

Have you ever found yourself frustrated when, upon trying to join your friends on Roblox, only to encounter an error code of 279? Frustrating! Code 279 can be like an obstacle on your path toward fun.

It usually indicates there’s a disconnection between your device and Roblox servers that prevents you from joining the game – don’t take this personally; temporary maintenance issues or internet outages could all play into it!

Thankfully there are ways around it – follow this guide’s troubleshooting steps and you can overcome that error code and return quickly towards adventure on Roblox Adventures!

Overcome Error Code 279

1. Restart Your Device And Router

If there are any small bugs/glitches, they can be fixed with a simple restart, so there is no need to put much effort into it.

So to fix this error, you can try restarting your device and router. If this method works, then your problem will be completely resolved.

Device Restart:

  • On Android devices, press and hold the power button simultaneously and tap on Restart to restart your phone.
  • If you own an iPhone, press and hold both the volume up and side buttons simultaneously before sliding off the power slider to completely shut down. Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen before pressing the side button again.
  • Windows users can click the Start button, choose Power options, and hit Restart to restart their computer.
  • On MacOS, right-click the Apple Menu and select Restart to restart.

Restart Router:

  • Locate and press your router’s power button to switch it off. Alternatively, if possible pull its power cable off the back.
  • Wait approximately one or two minutes before powering on the router again.
  • Allow the router some more time to reconfigure itself.
  • Once your system is back up and running, give Roblox another go.

2. Verify That You’re Using A Compatible Browser

Many browsers do not support Roblox. Therefore, you should make sure you’re using one that does. Switch the current browser you’re using and see if you still experience errors or not.

Furthermore, you could also experience this error due to addons/plugins installed on your PC – for instance, an adblocker might impede accessing Roblox. Try disabling any third-party plugins/ addons and then see if the issue persists or not.

3. Change Your Network Or Interface

If the above methods do not solve your networking issues, consider switching out networking interfaces or networks entirely.

  • PC players who primarily connect to Wi-Fi should consider switching to wired connections; this advice only applies to desktop and laptop users.
  • If your machine doesn’t feature an Ethernet port, consider enabling the hotspot feature on your phone (provided there’s enough data available in your plan).
  • Alternatively, if you primarily rely on Wi-Fi on your phone, consider switching over to mobile data if there’s enough available on your plan.

If your new network interface works successfully, and no errors arise with the existing setup, the issue lies elsewhere.

4. Turn Off Antivirus

Third-party antivirus software may be extremely sensitive to threats, similar to Windows Defender Firewall.

As a result, games that were thought to be threats may sometimes be blocked; to prevent this happening on Roblox you might consider disabling your antivirus software before beginning play.

Providing it works, the next step will be to configure your program so it does not block Roblox from connecting with its servers and keeping you safe while playing Roblox. In this way, threats won’t pose as much of a threat while playing Roblox.

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5. Open Ports

You may need to port forward certain ports if they’re not accessible on your network by default. To do this, follow these steps-

  • Sign in to the control panel of your router as an administrator.
  • Here, select the Port Forwarding category and enter the IP address of your system.
  • Enter 49152-65535 as the port range and choose UDP as its protocol.
  • Save the changes, and reboot your router.
  • The game should now be working correctly.

Some Common Roblox Errors

  • Error Code 103
  • Error Code 279
  • Error Code 610
  • Error Code 504
  • Error Code 503
  • Avatar Page Error
  • Access Denied 403
  • Game Pass Loading Error
  • Bad Request 400
  • Internal Server Error 500
  • Page cannot be found or no longer exists 404
  • Updating Avatar Error


Have you encountered Error Code 279 during an exciting Roblox adventure? Don’t let Error Code 279 ruin the fun – we have all been there, but this guide offers five tried-and-tested strategies to quickly eliminate Error Code 279 so you can return to dominating Roblox quickly.

Consider it your toolkit for fixing those pesky glitches that keep popping up on your screen.

From restarting devices to network management solutions, these solutions will get you back into playing faster than you can say “Robux.”

Sometimes the fix might just require refreshing; other times you might need to summon your inner tech wizard!

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