Home Water Purifier and Filters Your Family Health Insurance

Home Water Purifier and Filters Your Family Health Insurance

Everyone has seemed to become health conscious today, but just eating right and going to the gym will not cut. Having clean drinking water plays an essential part in determining your health too. With the water crisis where people do not have enough water to drink, finding clean drinking water is a huge task.

Some might argue we have mineral water available in shops at every corner, but how many of us could afford this every day. So buying a water purifier for a home for pure and healthy water is economical, safe, and reliable.

There are several brands of water purifiers and filters available in the market, both online and offline. We provide the best home water purifiers and filters to keep all waterborne diseases at bay for you. Water purifiers and filters have become an integral part of our home, leading to a happier and more active life.

Water purifiers and filters can help you clean water and store a large amount of water effectively. In-home water purifiers and filters can be found in different types.

Activated Carbon Water Purifiers

These help you to remove the toxic compounds found in untreated water like pesticides and heavy metals. These are also very effective in removing any smell from the water too. Activated carbon water purifiers also remove colour making compounds in water.

Several types of activated carbon filters are available to choose from, depending on the raw material used. Activated carbon water purifiers have a limited ability to absorb harmful compounds, so they should be changed at regular intervals to ensure that you are drinking clean water. Home water purifiers and filters cost also differ from brand to brand.


Membranes Water Purifiers

This is the best way to purify clean drinking water. Synthetic membrane water purifiers have a thin sheet of plastic material with excellent pores in them. The size of these pores differs in different water purifiers. The membrane is classified according to the pore size, such as

1. Micro-Filtration Membrane

These are used mainly by people in the food industry for making processed fruit juices and milk products. These have average pores ranging from anywhere between 0.05 microns to 5 microns.

Although these are effective in the removal of parasites found in water but are inefficient in the removal of bacteria and viruses


2. Ultrafiltration Membrane

These are helpful in the removal of bacteria, viruses, parasites or any form of microorganism found in water. But they are not great when it comes to fighting germs. These have average pores of 0.02 microns.


3. Nano Filtration Membrane

They have bigger pores than RO. Its main feature is that of water softening and helps to remove the hardness from the water. These are good at the removal of metal salts like lead, mercury, etc., and fight germs present in the drinking water.


4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The pores in reverse osmosis membranes are just a tiny bit larger than water molecules, so only clean and pure water can be filtered from these. These are also used in the sea distillation process to avail clean drinking water.

These are very effective in fighting all types of bacteria, viruses, parasites, or any form of microorganisms, as well as heavy metal compounds found in drinking water


There are several types of water purifiers and filters available in India. But we provide the best water purifiers and filter prices with a quality product. An RO water purifier is top-rated among homes because of its ability to fight germs and heavy metals. But with time, the pores in the water filters get blocked and must be changed now and then.

This could be done with a simple process like changing the cartridges inside the filter, and the filter is good as new.

The undeniable testimony of our products could be known from home water purifiers and filters reviews posted by our customers on our website. The primary difference between water purifiers and filters is the amount of protection they provide.

Water filters help remove waterborne protozoa and bacteria but cannot fight viruses, while water purifiers help fight all. Water filters are used by people while traveling, camping, or hiking, enabling them to drink clean water. These are easy to use and can be transported anywhere.

We also provide for the home water purifiers and filters replacement facilities if you need a change in the cartridge or any other part of water purifiers. So without further delay, buy home water purifiers and filters today and install them at your home to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones.

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