Plumbing Brass Ball Valve And Brass Fittings For Your New Home

Hongda Plumbing Brass ball valve
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A beautiful residence with bad plumbing choice can ruin everything. Not only does a bad plumbing affect the interior of a home but once installed it will keep asking for repairs every other day. No one wants a leaky pipes running at home.

Choosing the best plumbing tools at the beginning it is of prime concern for most of us. A good plumbing will not only keep the house neat but it will also help save water consumption, therefore saving water.

Regular maintenance of taps, pipes, valve, fittings are very important to prevent cross contamination in order to keep your home safe and clean at all times. Plumbing is an integral part of all commercial and residential properties, therefore using and choosing the best brass plumbing tools is an investment for many years to come.

There are seven types of valves generally used in residential plumbing i.e. gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, stop valve, pressure- reducing valve and check valve. These useful valves are produced in different materials, such as Brass, PVC or Bronze. Valves are chosen based on the type of pipe used in the plumbing. Most of the plumbing works is done to control the flow of water in the house.

Brass is non-ferrous, red metal; it consists of copper and zinc, it is further added with tin, aluminum or manganese to create new and unique combinations suitable for different uses. Brass when combined with other metal proportionately can be used to transfer and control flow of non –corrosive fluids, potable water and gas.

After identifying the type of valves required one has to source the right manufacturer, as it has to be durable ensuring long term hassle free usage. There is a China based company Yuhuan Hongda Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd.which produces high quality brass valves, fittings and bibcocks for residential and commercial usage has a good clientele spread across continents.

The company was founded in 1996 in Chumen Town of Yuhuan City, in Zhejiang Province. Brass valve, brass bibcock and brass fittings are manufactured in factory spread over 6700 Square meters. There are 150 members workforce which includes about 30 professionally trained and highly experienced technical members overseeing all production from scratch.

It is important that one should pay attention to the quality standards such as CE and ACS certification. Yuhuan Hongda Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. has paid attention to quality and it has both these certifications in place along with ISO9001 quality standards.

The company also exports their products to South East Asia, Europe, America and several other countries where the customers have appreciated the quality.

Some of the products manufactured by the company are as follows:

1. Hongda Brass Valve – Brass Ball Valve

Lockable water meter brass ball valve is available in ¼” and ½” sizes. These valves are good at working pressure PN25. Most of the brass valves can perform well at a minimum temperature of -10⁰C and a maximum of 120⁰C.

The brass valve body is sandblasted or plated in nickel for better lifespan. BSP or NPT thread option is available.

There is gas ball valve, needle ball valve; ball valve with butterfly handle, union ball valve and many more options are available based on the end usage.


2. Hongda Brass Bibcock

Bibcock is essential to have as it will control the water flow in a pipe of a drain. It is often used in outdoor gardens, bathrooms, toilets and wash basins. It is generally a water tap that is wall mounted with a bent nozzle and a handle that will allow you to turn the water supply on or off.

There are different types of bibcocks and can be categorized into three categories, namely, one ways, two way and long body. Based on functionality you can further divide it into two, such as, washer type and slide type.

Yuhuan Hongda Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd produces washing machine and garden bibcock, which has either chrome plated/ zinc plated or nickel plated surface.

The bibcock series features double seal system which helps flow of oil/ water/ gas systems in any directions. The company is good at making OEM bib taps also.


3. Hongda Brass Fittings

Brass is a very versatile metal; therefore it is popular for most purposes in daily life. It can be easily shaped and molded in desired shapes, widths and sizes to fit the pipe size. Brass is also a chosen due to its durability and high temperature tolerance, resistance to corrosion and is very malleable.

The company produced a good collection of Brass fittings to almost fit into most of your home plumbing needs. It is one of the leading producers of threaded brass fittings in China.

There are long tread double nipple brass fittings, brass hose connector fittings and several more to choose from.

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