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In 2021, many of us are in-between states. We are returning to some of the activities we enjoyed prior to the pandemic of 2020, but with the threat of the virus still lingering many of us are still working from home and spending most of our time indoors in our homes.

This means that home comfort is no longer a luxurious commodity, it’s an essential part of our survival. Products to make our home environment more comfortable are more available and cheaper than ever before, but consumers need to make sure they research where they are buying from to make sure the product they’re searching for is compatible with their home and body.

Companies like Everlasting Comfort offer reliable and affordable products and provide research through their blog postings showing an interest in how their products are being consumed in 2021. Let’s explore some of the big ways that this industry is changing in 2021, and where it might be headed next.

1. An Essential Part of Life

2020 was a major reckoning for a lot of reasons, but one of the big things it exposed was the necessity of comfortable space. Prior to major lockdowns, many of us lived our lives on our commutes, in our offices, and other various places of work.

For many, it was a shock just to be spending extended periods of time at home. It quickly became apparent that comfort was a way to take care of ourselves rather than an indulgence. For those working from home, comfortable seating, seat cushions and other tools to support posture and joint health were and are essential pieces to a home office.

More than just taking care of our bodies, comfort, and coziness makes us feel safer and more relaxed which can help to deal with the most stressful situations. It’s a normal and natural instinct that helps us survive every day.


2. Product Innovations

With the advancement of many manufacturing technologies as well as a deeper understanding of physical and mental health, the products available today are a far cry from the expensive seat cushions and ergonomic devices of the early 2000’s.

Today there are so many options available from weighted blankets to Tempurpedic foot pillows that align with the shape of your foot.

With smart technology, app integration has also changed the way many products function. This can mean a more immersive experience for the consumer and expand the things you can get out of a product. A heated blanket, for example, could be controlled by an app or remote control, adding to the overall experience of the product.


3. Accessibility

Because of the innovations made with sustainable materials, many products are available for much cheaper prices than ever before. This means a wider audience of customers can access devices and tools that will help their homes feel more comfortable and support a healthier lifestyle at home. Having a greater variety of options for consumers makes it more likely that consumers will jump at the chance to improve the comfort of their homes.


4. Design

With the rise of social media, more companies are considering sleek design as a way to attract younger customers to their products. Clunky humidifiers and oil diffusers are a thing of the past. Influencers have played a big role in this change in many industries, advertising a lifestyle over the product itself.

It’s important that the product not just deliver on its promised result, but it should also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space. Companies that pay attention to the design of their products will attract a wider audience of customers.


Even though many in-person activities are returning, it’s likely that we will continue to see the home comfort industry change in the coming years. Ultimately, we have learned as a society that having a safe, comfortable home is an essential part of life.

If that means it needs to be cozy and ready for your return from a long day, or that you need to spruce up your home to make it a more pleasant place to work from, comfort items are becoming a staple in the modern home.

Digital communication and remote work are certainly around for the long haul, and we need to make sure that we are prioritizing our self-care as we continue to explore this new landscape. We will likely see many further advancements in the sustainability, accessibility, and technology of these products in the near future.

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