How Businesses Like Clickfunnels are Utilizing Automated Customer Service


Technology is constantly evolving, which means that all systems that depend on technology must be upgraded quickly. Businesses that are able to understand their customers and adapt to their lifestyles and needs will be the winners in this new era. Automated customer service is one of the most popular online business ideas.

Tech giants use all their resources to collect as much information about customers. As possible to understand their needs and desires to provide the best customer service possible. Virtual agents can help companies improve their internal business processes and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

No matter if it’s a tech giant such as IBM, or any other business. 100% customer satisfaction is the goal of every successful company today!


What is automation and automated customer service?

Automation is the use of technology to reduce human intervention in order to complete a task. Basic automation automates simple tasks. This level of automation focuses on digitizing work. It uses tools to centralize and streamline routine tasks such as using a system that is intricately connected with shared messaging. Automation is a customer service technique that uses more advanced algorithms and technology to optimize customer service and be cost-effective. It can also be error-free and usually done in a matter of seconds.


The Truth About Customer Services in 2021 and Beyond:

The importance of customer satisfaction has increased in the age of online business. According to a study, millennials prefer emailing and texting to calling. It is becoming increasingly difficult to satisfy every texting customer and resolve his/her queries instantly, as millions of customers text daily. Customers value speed, convenience, knowledgeable assistance, and friendly service when they text or call.

Humans and machines must work together in a team setting for the first time in human history. Artificial Intelligence and automated customer service tools are meant to enhance the customer experience, not replace human workers. It is a tool that allows your service agents to benefit from the integrated automation tools just as your customers.

Although the number of companies that actively use Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to provide customer service is small, a lot of service decision-makers state that their organizations are actively seeking out ways to adopt AI and other AI technologies in the near future. As automated customer service becomes more popular, it will continue to rise as it is the trend.


It is important to consider the type of customer service you provide.

All customer service representatives have one goal: to provide a positive customer experience. Customers’ satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and retention are all reasonable goals. We also desire to reduce costs by achieving faster first-time resolution and making better use of virtual agents for voice and text conversations.

It’s all about the customer and how they want to communicate. Businesses must adapt to this new way of communicating with customers and solving problems.

These are the key benefits that make automated customer services tools the best for scaling your business exponentially.

Customers who are unable to resolve customer service issues before they occur could be significantly less likely to abandon their accounts.


Solving Customers’ Most Common Questions:

This is done by creating a list of customers’ most frequently asked questions and then creating a ready-made answer.

  • Learning Customer Behavior Patterns Patterns of customer behavior can be used to forecast future behavior, such as purchasing cycles for credit cards, retail spending or travel.
  • Agents can speed up response times to answer queries immediately without any delay.
  • Natural Language Understanding is a way to improve customer service by understanding customer frustrations, the need for escalated action, and a quicker resolution of issues.
  • The massive global data that is available worldwide helps you anticipate and prepare for future events.
  • Enhancing Human Interaction and decreasing friction in the customer experience CE
  • With the help of AI, agents can have more successful customer interactions thanks to the recommendation system that uses ticket and remediation history. This system proactively suggests the next steps for agents.

Management of a High Volume Of Queries Bots are often a good way for organizations to manage high volumes of customer queries.


What’s the current trend in Customer service automation?

Companies like IBM integrated into their business special teams that apply artificial intelligence (AI) to all of the component technologies in an intelligent automation transformation of customer service operations to support the exchange of accurate information between all systems in the workflow.

Advanced analysis is crucial to determine how technology can be applied to automate the processes. Effective implementation support will reduce customer contact time and enable quicker resolution of queries. This is due to back-office processing being streamlined and reduced.

While technology is essential to intelligently automating customer service operations, it cannot be the only factor. First, you need to determine the strategy that will enable radical changes in a company’s operational model. The second step involves helping to design and implement technology that will enable intelligent automation.


6 ways to automate customer service:

1. Innovative & Cost-Effective

The new, innovative technologies are able to deliver superior customer service at a fraction the cost of traditional customer service, which is slow, deliberate, and full of errors. The perfect example is call computerization solutions.

They combine machine learning with advanced speech recognition to improve traditional interactive voice response systems while delivering a 60%-80% cost savings over outsourced call centres powered by humans.


2. Scalability and speed

These new tools and technologies allow businesses to scale customer service at unprecedented speeds, even with limited resources.

Businesses can resolve problems before they launch a product. Additionally, interactive FAQs can be released by businesses to answer thousands of customer questions without the need for human interaction. Chatbots allow businesses to respond instantly to customer inquiries by simply switching to another server.

Chatbots are able to learn from each interaction. Brands can quickly move into new markets without having to hire and train local staff.


3. 24/7 Customer Service

AI can be used to address the repetitive, costly issues consumers frequently ask about, such as exchange policies and procedures. AI can help customers understand complex products and services, such as how to apply for a mortgage or compare credit cards.

Automated customer service allows organizations to provide 24/7 customer service, regardless of time zones or holidays. Customers don’t need to wait for hours, or even days, because they can get a response 24 hours a day.

This can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. This also shows that a brand is committed to customer support – which is important for brand reputation as well as trust.


4. Unmatched & Reliable Service

AI technology can provide customer service that is more reliable than its human counterparts. Chatbots do not have the same afflictions or biases as humans and can therefore be more effective in customer service.

The Best AI Chatbots do not turn up to work late with a hangover. They can be programmed to not get upset and argue with customers. If they are unable to resolve a customer’s query, they can be programmed to escalate calls.

This helps to improve customer service interactions which can have a significant impact on repeat business any time, anywhere.


5. The rise of messaging apps

According to a study, millennials prefer texting to calling up someone and asking for assistance. Individuals are using messaging apps to communicate with brands, in addition to their friends and coworkers.

Organizations can now connect with their customers through messaging services. Businesses now have the ability to create new revenue streams by using messaging apps’ real-time customer service bots.


6.Proactive Action

Automating your support strategy adds value. The vast amount of data available worldwide can be used to anticipate trends and customer preferences, and prepare for proactive solutions.

AI-integrated systems can monitor an almost infinite number of websites and in-app activities for distress indicators. This allows customers to be identified and helped by AI.

The system can offer support via FAQs and virtual service agents across all platforms and devices in real-time.


It is clear that artificial intelligence and virtual agents will shape the future post-pandemic world. They use complex algorithms to complete large-scale tasks that would otherwise be impossible for humans with an efficiency and speed that is amazing. These technological forces have already helped to transform the future use of technology in order to improve customer service and humanity’s evolution.

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