How can web design services help a Xero course provider?

How can web design services help a Xero course provider

Xero training is offered by WLP Academy, a Singapore-based company. The Xero courses that WLP Academy offers are suitable for both newcomers and seasoned accountants with years of expertise in the field of accounting. There aren’t many in-person Xero classes available, despite it being one of the most widely used accounting SME software programmes worldwide.

Yes, there are online YouTube how-to videos as well as the forum and community for Xero. However, there aren’t many institutions that teach Xero effectively, and there aren’t many recent accounting grads who are familiar with the Xero programme. The majority lack the Xero knowledge necessary to begin working for a company right away. Having trouble using even the most basic accounting software has an impact on fresh accounting graduates’ ability to get employment.

You cannot learn how to use Xero software via YouTube videos, and many students find it difficult to follow along with online Xero courses since they lack access to a Xero account and a case study to perform “fake” bookkeeping for. Because of this, Singaporean accountant graduates have found tremendous benefits from WLP Academy and other accounting academies, and an increasing number of people are beginning to look for training outside of their university courses.

During Covid, many training institutions, including WLP Academy, had some difficulties. Thank goodness for resources like Zoom and Google Drive, they were able to attend Xero classes online. However, training centres still aimed to make Xero newcomers’ learning processes enjoyable and simple.

As a result, many training schools turned to web development agencies for help. Web development doesn’t only refer to website design on WordPress that most people think of. Web development can include developing a LMS from scratch on a framework like React and Express.

Games can be created and students can be asked to complete a fun drag-and-drop game or task online to test their learning. So if you’re a course provider looking or a school looking to make revising easy for students at home, consider building simple games and quizzes. It’s as simple as partnering with a freelance web developer or working with a web development agency!

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