How Can You Watch 3D Movies on Nintendo 3DS?

How Can You Watch 3D Movies On Nintendo 3DS
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If you want to experience 3D movies on Nintendo 3D, Yes nowadays you absolutely can by using an SD Card or through New Nintendo 3DS Models. The experience of playing 3D games through Nintendo reaches a higher level.

Thus, with the help of this technology, the fun of high-definition movies will increase even more. Provided that you will have to put in a lot of hard work to get your movie to play on Nintendo 3D.

To watch Videos on Nintendo, 2 Methods you have:
1. Through SD Card
2. Buy New Nintendo 3DS

Few Notable Points:

✔️ Yes, you can watch 3D movies on the Nintendo 3DS.
✔️ You can download or purchase 3D movies from the Nintendo eShop.
✔️ Now, You have to transfer it to an SD card to watch.

Nowadays, new Nintendo devices have come on the market in which you can easily play 3D videos. The device has a built-in stereoscopic 3D display that allows you to view content in 3D without needing special glasses or without transferring your video onto an SD card.

Here we will discuss two simple methods by using any of them you are able to achieve your task.

Method -1. Using SD Card

This method is applicable to both New and Old 3Ds. To watch videos on 3DS from sd card, you can follow these steps:

Step – 1. Download or Transfer Movies:

Obtain 3D movies either by downloading them directly from YouTube, Netflix, etc, or by transferring them onto an SD card.

Step – 2. Prepare the SD Card:

Now transfer your downloaded movie on an SD card in a compatible file format which is MP4 because 3Ds supports MP4 files only for video playback.

Step – 3. Insert the SD Card:

Insert the SD card containing the 3D movies into the SD card slot on your Nintendo 3DS.

Step – 4. Access the Files:

Navigate to the “Nintendo 3DS Camera” application on your device’s home screen.

Step – 5. Play the Movie:

Once inside the Camera application, select the option to view the contents of the SD card. Locate the folder where your 3D movies are stored and select the movie you want to watch.

Step – 6. Adjust 3D Settings:

When the movie starts playing, you can adjust the 3D depth slider on the right side of the upper screen to adjust the intensity of the 3D effect according to your preference.

Step – 7. Enjoy the Movie: Sit back and enjoy your 3D movie experience on your Nintendo 3DS.

Method – 2. Using New Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo Device offers users the capability of watching 3D videos – including streaming content directly from YouTube – in stunning 3D! And this works incredibly smoothly!

Here’s how you can do it:

➤ 🎮 New Nintendo 3DS: This feature is available on the New Nintendo 3DS model. If you have an older 3DS version, unfortunately, this won’t work.

Open a Web browser already installed in it and search for YouTube.

Open Web browser

Now, search and play any 3D video you want.

➤ 📺Enable 3D Mode: To watch 3D videos, make sure you enable the 3D mode in your settings.

Enable 3D Mode
Navigate to Settings > LCD > Screen mode > 3D to activate it.

➤ 🍿Streaming Sites: You can watch videos from streaming sites like YouTube directly on your New Device. The experience is surprisingly good!

If you’re curious about this hidden feature, give it a try and enjoy some 3D content on your device!

What Video Formats Does the Nintendo 3DS Support?

These devices have specific video format requirements for playing videos.

Here are the details:

✔️ File Format: Videos must be in the AVI format.
✔️ Image Stream Codec: The image stream should use the Motion JPEG (MJPEG) codec.
✔️ Audio Stream Codec: For audio, the IMA ADPCM codec is used.

So, if you’re planning to watch videos on your Nintendo 3DS, make sure they adhere to these specifications. Enjoy your multimedia experience!

Source: 3D Video Specifications

What is the maximum resolution for video playback on Nintendo 3DS?

There have been different aspect ratios for its upper and lower screens:

1. Upper Screen:

  • Size: The upper screen measures 3.53 inches diagonally.
  • Resolution: It has a resolution of 800 x 240 pixels.
  • Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of the upper screen is 5:3.

2. Lower Screen:

  • Size: The lower screen measures 3.02 inches diagonally.
  • Resolution: It has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.
  • Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of the lower screen is 4:3.

These screens provide a unique gaming experience, especially with the autostereoscopic 3D feature on the upper screen. Enjoy your adventures!

Source: Nintendo Specs

By following the above 2 methods, you should definitely watch your 3D content on your device even without the help of 3D glasses. If you love our guide then, we suggest you to read our next blog post on the topic – Display Nintendo 3Ds On TV, you will love this one, if you are a newbie in the console world and learn more things about them. Enjoy Reading!

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