How Do I Know If My Chinese Porcelain Is Valuable?

Chinese Porcelain
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In the past 100 years, Chinese porcelain has dramatically changed and developed. Today, porcelain artists draw inspiration from many art forms and cultures.

This enhances the value of antique Chinese porcelain and makes the pieces more impressive. Due to this, and the emergence of fake copies it is difficult to identify antique and valuable Chinese porcelain that can be a struggle without any expertise.

A variety of factors must be considered by an expert’s perspective. To determine whether the Chinese porcelain is worth it or not, find out the time and date of manufacture by conducting the following tests.

1. Shape

Chinese porcelain first appeared during the Song dynasty. In the beginning, only specific designs were made for porcelain items. However, even in different dynasties, the overall shape of objects was the same with only little alteration.

These are the only factors that determine the shape in the design of Chinese porcelain. It is therefore important to examine the form that the ceramic is made of first. The presence of crevices, curves, and angles that are different indicates that the porcelain isn’t made by the Chinese dynasties.


2. Colors

The second test is to determine the color that is used in the object. Certain pigments and colors were used in the Chinese dynasties. If the coloration does not match the color of the object it isn’t an antique. The majority of antique porcelain objects feature blue-colored artifacts on white bases.

Because there are many blue shades, and that china came in different shades, and also imported dyes from different periods in the past, only an expert can determine the hues on the porcelain and compare them to the shape. In this way, they will be able to identify the time when the particular object was made.


3. Design

If the colors are accurate, what you need to look at is the style and design of Chinese porcelain. The artwork and design will inform you of the time in which the item was created. The standards of style and design varied from one dynasty to the next.


4. Glaze

The glaze of the Chinese porcelain assists in determining the time period of the piece. As time passes, the glaze is exposed to air, water, and soil. Furthermore, the method of making glazes differs from dynasty to.


5. Clay

As porcelain is a kind made of clay, the type will be a good indicator. The process of mixing clay and making it was at its highest and most efficient in the period of the 18th-century. Therefore, porcelain made after this will not be able to show any imperfections.


6. Aging signs

The method used to create the porcelain pieces will show the signs of age. In turn, it will establish the time that this work was made. For instance, there could be evidence of firing in the kiln.


7. Marks

The last thing you need to check is the marks on your porcelain piece. Different marks have different meanings, and experts of Chinese antiques can tell the difference and confirm the era they refer to. If the marks match with the previous characteristics, then the porcelain piece is a genuine antique.



If you’re looking to determine how valuable the Chinese porcelain you have is worth the investment and you want to know, think about professional assistance. Only an experienced and skilled eye can spot the difference and distinguish authentic from the fake.

All of the characteristics mentioned above that you should look for are crucial for ensuring that you’re dealing with an authentic antique and making sure you are not exposing yourself to any risks when selling your porcelain piece.


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