How Does YouTube Count Views? We Break It Down

How Does YouTube Count Views
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To access exclusive YouTube features like monetization and YouTube Community Tab, you need to get over 1000 subscribers and complete a specific watch time. Several businesses and creators choose to use the best site to buy YouTube subscribers to complete these prerequisites and further their engagement.

However, a common cause of confusion is based on how YouTube counts views. With the constantly changing YouTube algorithm and guidelines, it became difficult to track these conceptions.

The following article will discuss how YouTube sounds views to allow you to form a proper social media plan.

What Is Counted as a View on YouTube?

The boom of AI and bots has made every social media platform wary of fraudulent users. Previously, one could easily tweak their video’s view count and get on the trending page. However, it ultimately harms the user and YouTube, which loses the user’s attention.

To avoid this, YouTube has further developed its algorithm and does not count engagement from bots. You might notice that several social media experts say that buying subscribers or views wouldn’t help for this reason itself.

However, a workaround is using the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers to ensure that you get engagement from real users.

A view on YouTube counts when the video has been despammed by the algorithm and the play is viewer initiated. If you want to grow on YouTube, you need to remember the special number – 300.

Once you reach 300 views, YouTube stops the view count to verify whether the views were made by humans or not (i.e. to check the legitimacy of the views). After the verification, YouTube allows the counter to resume and monitors the incoming views.

What Is An Artificial View?

When AI wasn’t as strong as it is now and YouTube monetization didn’t exist, most creators increased their view count by reloading it continuously. These views are termed ‘artificial views,’ and there are some ways the YouTube algorithm recognizes them.

  • Views that are obtained by continuously reloading it by a single user
  • Some videos might seem like malware or contain a virus, which is why YouTube often deletes them
  • On some websites, a video is set on autoplay, which doesn’t count as valid views

YouTube’s screening system can detect malware and makes sure to delete them. Thus, it becomes easier to form an accurate YouTube algorithm and recommendation system.

Do My Own Views Not Count?

Do My Own Views Not Count

It might seem from the above discussion that your views do not count with the recent algorithm changes. However, if you play your own YouTube video, your view will be counted (only once or twice).

Continuously refreshing the page will not help update the view count and will be considered an ‘artificial view.’ You could buy YouTube subscribers and views from trusted sites to increase your engagement and view count for better reach.

Do YouTube Replays Help Improve the View Count?

A single replay after watching the video adds to the view count, whereas continuously refreshing it will not help. You can refer to the section talking about ‘Artificial Views,’ to understand more about what is not considered a view.

Knowing about these spamming practices will help you avoid getting your views decreased. You could use the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers for more engagement services and improve your chances of a better reach.

Does YouTube Update Video View Counts?

According to YouTube, there is no official statement as to when a video’s view counts get updated. However, social media experts suggest that it does not happen immediately and takes every 24-48 hours. You can buy YouTube views from a well-known site to ensure that there are no spam/artificial views.

If My Video is Embedded, Do The Views Count?

Most websites set YouTube videos on autoplay as background videos, which do not count as active views. However, if you click purposefully on the embedded video and play, it counts as an active view. Thus, you could buy YouTube subscribers and views to bring in active traffic from different social media channels.


YouTube is complicated and has updated algorithms to help with the required engagement. Understanding the importance of a view and what qualifies as a view is important to get better metrics.

We hope this article helped you understand what you need to do for a better view count and to access exclusive features! Let us know if you have some other questions or would like to share some engagement tips.

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