How I became a TikTok leader with more than 100k followers

How I became a TikTok leader with more than 100k followers
Written by Editor N4GM

How often have you heard about someone becoming popular on TikTok and hoped you could experience something similar? If so, then we share a lot of things in common.

I dislike working in offices, and I have no business experience. For me, becoming popular and never having looked was the only way out. The recent explosion of TikTok gave me optimism because I wanted what individuals were doing there—they were suddenly becoming big names by simply submitting videos!

However, when I actually started creating material, I realized it wasn’t quite that easy. It was a difficult beginning since there were so many content creators or influencers who were far more talented than I was. When just 10 or 20 people saw my videos, I felt I was giving up.

The reason I’m pleased I didn’t is that I now have more than 100,000 Tiktok views on videos and all the satisfaction I could have ever wished for. Here’s what I did, so that your dreams of becoming a big-name influencer can come true as well. 

 I am one of the numerous accounts that have taken off by following whatever was popular at the moment. I used every popular song, hashtag, conversation, and rant. I can confirm that it succeeded. The users of TikTok are constantly searching for new trends to keep themselves entertained and are ready to share their opinions with you.

Additionally, the platform’s trends change almost daily, so stick with something new and current. Every day, a tonne of brand-new TikTok competitions, hashtags, and filters are released. You will always have content. The originality of an account is among the qualities that distinguish it.

I often submit things that are totally unrelated to any other viral videos I have seen. It works despite being unusual because it is unique. TikTok wants to see your original content, not imitations. Ingenuity can be found in following trends!

If you add your own unique touch to a challenge or footage that has gone viral, that is. Feel free to collaborate on videos that you believe will get a ton of likes!

My experience has shown me that consistency is the key to success on TikTok or other social media platforms. You can’t rely on your first post becoming viral just because you got lucky with it. You must continue to publish stuff for your audiences if you are sincere about the whole thing.

People will be more fascinated in you and your brand the more of your material they see. They are more likely to follow you and interact with your material the more interested they are in your brand. That is how everything operates! Therefore, even if it seems like your first several videos aren’t helping you or are not performing as well as you expected, keep at it.

It is common to neglect the importance of maintaining an attractive profile, but this should not happen. The very first two variables you should address before anything else are to choose a cool profile image and match it with a smart username. Don’t have a username that resembles a mobile number or have a grey background like those accounts. Your username on TikTok essentially serves as your online persona, and a nice profile image draws attention. Choose the cool persona you want the public to remember you by when you become famous.

I’ve kept this to myself for a while, but if sharing it may benefit others who are in a similar situation to me, I’d be happy to do so. Yes, you may purchase real, active TikTok followers from legally and officially and benefit from the incredible outcomes it produces. I used to occasionally buy followers, and it worked wonderfully for engagement.

Even though I found a number of TikTok videos to be amusing, they weren’t good enough for me to like the whole production. However, there were other instances where “just average” movies with amusing commentary made me appreciate the post. Therefore, be sure to include something in the title of your video that is not only pertinent to your post and followers but also enhances it.

Although it seems absurd, hashtags can help your content reach the trending page! For me, the hashtag “#foryou” has historically produced fantastic results. TikTok will make it clear which hashtags are popular. So be careful to employ them. Even videos based on them are possible.

Now, I’m not going to reveal a dark secret to you that will instantly increase your TikTok following to 100k users. But if you put the tactics described here into practice, you can transfer your entire attention to your content and stop stressing about the outcomes. Your brand will grow as a result, and TikTok users will see you more often. The secret is to persevere. The real key to becoming popular is that. 

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