How Long Should I Keep My Phone In Rice? And What To Do Or Not?

How Long To Leave Phone In Rice

How Long Should I Keep My Phone In Rice? Many times it happens with us that our phone is dropped in water. Whether it’s your mistake or your kids throw your phone into the water. Or many other reasons like – your phone is splashed by rain, water etc…

As your phone dropped in water. And you don’t have any idea – what should I do? So, before taking your phone at mobile shop, You need to do is quickly put your phone into the uncooked rice and cover it all around by rice.

If you’re new to handle this situation at the very first time so many things striking in your mind. The most important question that panic you is – how long should you leave your wet phone in rice to make it dry?

So, the simple answer to this question is that you should leave your phone in rice For 24 to 48 hours. This will soaks all the water from your phone and it is an inexpensive solution for drying your phone.


The Way To Put Your Phone In Rice:

How long should I keep my phone in rice

In the above image we explain to you the proper way in which you should put your phone in rice. Generally, most people put their phone in rice for two or three days without opening it.

After that they charge the phone suddenly due to short-circuit their phone may be damaged. So you need to confirm first that all the parts of your phone like battery, cover, Sim, memory card et cetera are open. Thereafter you can put your phone in the rice to make it dry.


What To Do And What Not TO DO:

To DoNot To Do
1. Dry Your Phone With A Tissue,Cloth Or TowelDo Not Charge Your Phone
2. Use Water Dryer For Drying Your PhoneDO Not Put Your Phone In Rice Without Open It
3. Use A Desiccant/absorbent Material, Silika Gel Packets etc… To Further Dry Your PhoneDo Not Try, To Dry Your Phone In Fire


Things You Can Do At Home, When Your Phone Is Dropped Into The Water

This is like a first-aid treatment for your phone when your phone is dropped into the water. Then quickly you need to do a few of these things so the chances of the recovery of your phone maybe increase.

Actions To Take To Dry Your Phone At Home:

1. take out your phone from water quickly

take out your phone from water quickly

It is the most important step you must have to take otherwise your phone will be permanently damaged. You need to put your phone out of water as fast as possible. Because the more water acquired by your phone, the more chances of that your phone cannot be salvaged.

There are different different chances of your phone or making realive on different types of water. If your mobile is dropped in clean water Then the chances are higher to be recovered.

While your phone is dropped in heavy water like salty water, in ponds, rivers etc… Where small-small dust particles also along with water which is not completely removed and it may rust your phone also.


2. Remove your phones battery

The very first step after picking your phone from water is to remove your phone’s battery. If you don’t remove your phone’s battery then the chances of short-circuit are high. That’s why this is the essential and very first step to do.

Right now many phones are coming with inbuilt batteries so that it’s not possible for everyone to remove those phones’ batteries. But in this case you need to do one thing you simply switch off your phone at the same time.

And make sure you can open some of your phone’s parts. After that you can simply put your phone covered with rice.


3. Remove Sims, memory cards:

Water can spoil your memory card and SIM. So to prevent this loss you should need to remove all external things like memory cards, sims. After removing all these essential things you should properly dry them and ensure before using that these things are fully dried.  


4. Dry Your Phone With A Tissue, Clothes Or Towel

After drying your phone in rice you need to do is first of all you should clean your phone with a tissue paper, clothes and a towel. And make sure that the corrosion does not appear inside in your phone. Otherwise if the corrosion occurs inside in your phone it will likely cause short short and Long-term damage.


5. Use Water Dryer For Drying Your Phone

Water dryer is a good option, if you have it at home. After the process of putting your phone in dry rice you should at least one time dry your phone with a water dryer. Because, drying your phone in rice leaving small particles and sometimes a little bit moisture remains in your phone. So that the water dryer can completely remove all the dust particles and moisture from your phone.


6. Use A Desiccant/absorbent Material, Silika Gel Packets etc… To Further Dry Your Phone

All these above processes can remove More than 90% of water from your phone. And if you follow all Above steps or processes in the right way then you need not to worry. Even after you don’t want to take any chance then you can go with further steps like using some absorbent materials Like silica gel packets etc putting in your phone for one or two days.

If you think that drying your cell phone with a towel or cloth, shaking it, and using a vacuum is not enough, then your next move should be using a desiccant or an absorbent material.

A desiccant is a material that can be used as a drying agent. A desiccant attracts and absorbs the water present in their surroundings.

Silica gel packets absorb and hold water vapour that you can put 5 to 10 packets in your phone battery area and cover it with your phone cover for two days after that your phone is completely dried.


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Precautions You Should Take And Not To Do The Steps

What Not To Do

If you want that your phone me alive after splashing with water Then these are few steps which you can not do at home:

1. Do not charge your phone

If your phone was dropped in water and if you are not aware of these above steps and you put your wet phone in charging. This may permanently damage your phone. Due to short circuits, your phone life span is reduced and and maybe your phone, suddenly stopped working.


2. Do not Try to dry your phone on fire

If your phone is splashed with water then do not heat it on flames or fire. I have seen many cases people use fire to dry their phone but this is not a good option. Due to this, many times some portion may be melted by fire. Or if your battery is in contact with fire then the battery may blast or maybe melt due to overheating. So, Clearly avoid this step.


Steps After Drying Your Phone:

Step 1. After All this you can switch on your phone. If it’s working then pretty well otherwise keep your phone in your nearby shop.

Step 2. Make use your phone until your mobile’s battery doesn’t gonna down.

Step 3. Then charge your mobile. If all things going well…

Congrats Your’e phone is all done at home.


Conclusion – How Long to Leave Your Wet Phone in Rice?

So how long should I keep my phone on right? Leaving your wet phone in rice for 24 to 36 hours is more than sufficient for completely drying it.

If you have further suggestions then you can comment below if your suggestion is right then we can mention your suggestion in our post.

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