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Debt financing is widely recognized as one of the key financial techniques that yield profits, helping keep our economy on course while serving as the most significant marketplace of today.

Furthermore, borrowing allows investors to unlock stationary retail investments such as gold in order to improve resource usage.

Vineet Sukumar and Gaurav Kumar established one of India’s premier debt markets Yubi (formerly CredAvenue). Located in Chennai, Vineet started this venture.

About Yubi (formerly CredAvenue)


The world’s first possibility platform, powers credit discovery, investment and fulfilment services for lenders, investors and borrowers in international debt markets. By making money transfer easier for all participants involved Yubi is revolutionising international debt markets while making life simpler for lenders, borrowers, investors and brokers. Universal stands for ubiquitous in that its clients can always reach them whenever needed – its name comes from being ubiquitous for its clientele!

Company NameYubi
HeadquarterChennai, India
IndustryInvestment and Credit Platform
FounderGaurav Kumar and Vineet

When founded as CredAvenue its primary function was as the first point of contact between foreign investors and Indian debt market participants while giving investors an all-encompassing platform that facilitates quick find, evaluation and implementation transactions quickly for everyone involved allowing faster decisions regarding loans/trade/transactions between parties involved to transact transactions between themselves faster allowing investors fast turnaround for transactions!

Since 2022, Yubi has assisted over 3000 enterprises and more than 2300 corporates through its product suite of bonds, financial markets loans business loans supply chain financing securitization fixed income instruments capital solutions Yubi is amongst one of the founding members of Unicorn Club 2022

Yubi Industry, Founder & Team

India has now gained recognition as having one of the fastest-expanding FinTech markets worldwide, according to reports. India’s Fintech market was valued at $50 billion as of 2021 and this figure could soar to $150 billion by 2025, according to experts.


Gaurav Kumar founded Yubi
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Gaurav Kumar founded Yubi in August 2020. Since then, they have expanded across India with offices in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru under his current CEOship and parent firm of Vivitri Capital as a whole – co-founding it along the way along with Vineet as co-founders as well as creators.

Together these entities represent India’s first tech-enabled marketplace connecting investors from small- to mid-sized enterprises with private citizens through one common portal.

Yubi’s Startup Story: Mission and Vision

Based out of Chennai, India and known by its former name CredAvenue, the world’s first possibility platform known as Yubi (formerly CredAvenue) facilitates credit discovery, investment, and fulfilment services. By making it simpler for lenders, investors, and borrowers to transfer funds between accounts internationally debt markets have undergone profound change.

Gaurav Kumar introduced the company’s new brand Yubi in August 2020 as part of their long-term objective of becoming an integral component of the debt ecosystem, providing seamless credit availability globally while offering easy access to capital. Current locations of Yubi include Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. Alongside their acquisition of Corpository shares, they purchased a 75.1 percent ownership stake in Spocto (an industry leader for digital collections) to remain market leaders.

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CredAvenue changed to “Yubi” in June 2022 in order to more closely reflect their long-term goal of being an indispensable component of the lending ecosystem. “Yubi” strives to strengthen India’s lending industry while helping companies without access to sufficient capital achieve their full potential by serving various capital requirements including bonds, co-lending, loans and others through CredAvenue; with its new structure however “Yubi” plans on becoming the go-to solution provider and taking over global debt market by being its client’s one-stop solution Yubi’s objective is also focused on expanding and strengthening that $120 trillion global corporate loan market so as to generate enormous economic value while unleashing GDP multiplier effects in terms of economic value creation as well.

Yubi’s Business & Revenue Model

Through their online marketplace, Yubi connects investors and lenders with businesses seeking debt financing through loans from 750 lenders assisting more than 2000 businesses worldwide. Their six distinct locations serve as one-stop shops to fulfill any and all financial requirements a business may need; platform fees from loan facilitation make up 92.5 percent of Yubi’s overall operating income according to reports.

As soon as Yubi reached a $1.3 billion market cap and joined the Unicorn Club in March 2022, its progress became clear. Since its founding, it had developed new approaches to enhance current offerings while surpassing last year’s sales total of Rs 29.93 crore with operational revenues topping out at over Rs 153.2 crore – representing exceptional performance by any measure!

Yubi Products and Services

This Chennai-based company provides six products designed to address specific needs:

1. Yubi Pools – This platform facilitates securitization and portfolio monitoring.

2. Yubi Co.lend – Banks and NBFCs can collaborate in co-lending loans jointly offered to borrowers via this product.

3. Yubi Loans – Finally, Yubi Loans provides an easy and streamlined experience to accelerate loan processing timeframe.

4. Yubi Flow This platform serves to enable an end-to-end supply chain for trading finance solutions.

5. Yubi Invest – India’s premier fixed-income platform provides solutions for any of your investment needs in fixed-income products such as market-linked debts, non-convertible debts, commercial papers and perpetual bonds.

6. Yubi Build – This platform was specifically created for Real Estate and Infrastructure Financing.

Yubi Employees

501–1,000 people work at Yubi in India.

Yubi Partners

Recently, Yubi Partners established a strategic alliance with U Gro Capital – an MSME financing platform listed on the BSE.

Through this alliance, their products Yubi Co.Lend and Yubi flow will be seamlessly integrated with GRO-Xstream and GRO-Line by U Gro Capital’s platform; using its full stack operating system will facilitate improved results by working together; both businesses believe working closely together would enable access to an array of banks, financial institutions and fintech via API (Application Programming Interface).

Yubi – Competitors:

Rivals of Yubi include Rulai, Snips, Landbot, Druid, Passage AI, AirOps, and so on.

Yubi – Awards and Achievements:

The first platform in the world to provide credit fulfilment, investment, and discovery is called Yubi.

Overall, Yubi–formerly CredAvenue–has quickly established itself as an innovative player in India’s loan sector by rapidly growing and becoming one of India’s unicorns by 2022.

Boasting an ambitious business plan, numerous products, and strategic alliances, this rising star hopes to transform India’s loan ecosystem while expanding globally.

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