How to Add Dashboards to UnleashX

How to Add Dashboards to UnleashX

In case you’re an original Xbox modding enthusiast, you’ve in all likelihood heard of UnleashX before. It’s one of the maximum famous modding tools that unlocks all forms of cool functions and customization selections in your old-faculty Xbox console. One of the handiest things UnleashX allows you to do is upload custom dashboards to update the boring default dashboard.

✔️ What is UnleashX Dashboard? 

   It's main menu and interface.

✔️ Most Popular Dashboards: 

   EvolutionX, Avalaunch, and XBMC

✔️ Uses Extract Files: 

   WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Dashboards are basically the main menu and interface you see on your Xbox. They let you do things like launch games and apps, check system info, fiddle with settings, and so on. While the default Xbox dashboard works fine, it’s pretty bland and outdated-looking. Custom third-party dashboards let you completely redesign this user experience.

With an awesome new dashboard installed through UnleashX, you can give your Xbox a slick visual overhaul and new functionality. Maybe you want game browsing and launching to be easier. Or maybe you’d like built-in video players, customizable skins, dashboard themes, emulators and other bonus features.

Anything your purpose, putting in a new UnleashX dashboard for your modded original Xbox is an extraordinary thanks to breathe new lifestyles into the console. Right here’s how to do it:


Earlier than we get began, you may need to have some things equipped:

  1. An original Xbox that has been modded and is working UnleashX. If you haven’t modded your console yet, there are plenty of tutorials available to walk through that method.
  1. The latest version of UnleashX installed on your modded Xbox, with all the current updates and dashboards downloaded through the app.
  1. A USB drive, Xbox memory unit, or a PC to transfer new dashboard files over your home network via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  1. Optional: A reputable source to download new third-party dashboard files from, like an established Xbox modding forum or file host.
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Adding a Built-In Dashboard

 Xbox dashboard

One of the easiest ways to swap your dashboard is by using one of the built-in options included with the UnleashX app. To do this:

1. Boot up your modded Xbox and launch UnleashX from the Extras Disc or hard drive.

2. Using the app’s menu, navigate to the “Dashboard” section.

3. Here you’ll see a few different built-in dashboard options to choose from, like:

  •     Gamer Stat: Optimized for tracking/viewing game stats
  •     Social Hub: Built-in friends lists, messaging, etc.  
  •     System Performance: Modern look with system monitoring

4. Select whichever built-in dashboard you want to try out. You can customize the look and settings if desired.

5. Once configured how you want, save the changes and reboot your Xbox. It should now be running that new dashboard you picked!

6. If you don’t like it, just go back into UnleashX and choose a different one or revert to the default dashboard.

The built-in options are a quick and easy way to experiment with some basic visual updates. However, the selection is fairly limited. To unlock the coolest, most feature-packed dashboards, you’ll need to download extras from the Xbox modding community.

Downloading New Third-Party Dashboards

To get your hands on tons of custom-made dashboards with all the latest features and styles, you’ll want to hit up some trustworthy modding sites and file repositories. Popular ones like XboxScene, XBMC4Xbox, and Xbox-Hq Forums are great sources.

As soon as you’ve got tracked down a dashboard file you want to attempt, download it to a transient folder on your laptop. The file will probably be compressed, so you’ll want a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the documents.

With the dashboard files extracted, it’s time to get them over to your modded Xbox console somehow. You’ve got two primary options:

  1. Connect your Xbox’s memory unit or a USB drive to your computer, create a new folder on it referred to as “Dashboards”, then copy the extracted dashboard files into that folder.
  1. Use an FTP (file switch Protocol) consumer on your computer to connect at once in your modded Xbox over your house wire. Once connected, navigate to your Xbox’s root directory, create a new folder called “Dashboards”, and upload the extracted dashboard files into that folder.

The second FTP method is generally quicker and doesn’t require any physical storage device swapping. But either approach will work fine.

With the new dashboard files transferred over to your Xbox, all that’s left is to boot up UnleashX again and apply that fresh new look! From the app’s menu:

  1. Navigate to the “Dashboard Settings” section.
  2. At the top, change the “Default Dashboard” option to browse file directories.
  3. Open the “Dashboards” folder you created earlier.
  4. Select and highlight the new dashboard files you transferred.
  5. Choose the highlighted files to set them as your new default dashboard.
  6. Save changes, reboot your Xbox, and enjoy your new dashboard!

It is all there is to it. By using UnleashX in your modded original Xbox, you may absolutely revamp and modernize the appearance and experience of the console’s menus and interface.

Browsing and installing fun new dashboards from the community is a great way to add functionality and flair to your retro gaming setup. Just be sure to only download files from trusted sources, avoid anything sketchy, and have fun customizing your old Xbox your way!

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