How To Care For Your Nursing Scrubs And When To Replace Them

How To Care For Your Nursing Scrubs

Every cloth tends to wear and tear with use. And nursing scrubs have to be washed almost every day. Your medical uniform is not like other clothes, and you probably own fewer scrub sets than regular clothing. Also, you need to wear your uniform more often. It leads to getting worn quicker than other professional work clothes.
So, here are the helpful tips on how to take care of your medical attire to stay looking newer for longer.


1. Immediate Treatment Of Stains

Stains should be treated immediately as soon as you notice them. You can keep stains from setting permanently by blotting them with a wet cloth or alcohol wipe. But even if you don’t realize the stains until you reach home, don’t despair. Stain treatment can still help when you wash them within a few hours or soak them in cold water.


2. Washing In Cold Water Is Preferable In The First Hand

Washing your medical attire in cold water is preferable unless the need arises to treat them in water. The dye will be trapped and stay in the fabric. Use mild liquid detergent and let the water be a little sudsy before putting in your washables. You can throw a little bleach with the whites only. Your uniform will last longer if you line dry or flat dry.


3. Wash Your Scrubs Separately

Avoid mixing your scrubs with another laundry even if you are tempted to follow shortcuts by throwing them all together as you have to disinfect your scrubs thoroughly. At the same time, you have to keep them from getting discolored or snagged by other clothing pieces. Moreover, washing the scrubs altogether with other clothes may contaminate the other clothes. So it will help if you take proper care while washing your scrubs.


4. Consider Replacing Your Scrubs

Typically, nursing scrubs need replacement when they show signs of aging. It is quite uncommon that if your duty demands you in the emergency room or surgical unit in a hospital and you are more exposed to bodily fluids like blood, you will need to replace your scrubs more often.

If your job role is in an area with seasonal changes, consider replacing your scrubs in the different seasons, depending on your comfort. Moreover, trends also influence how frequently you should consider replacing your scrubs uniforms. It is a fact that the white color used to rule the medical industry and used to be a primary color for many years.

Due to the recent changes in the trends, white is taken over by shades of blues and greens and other dark and lightly printed marvelous color choices. Staying up on trends makes a positive impact on patients. It is also essential to note that lighter colors keep the patients and other workers calm and cool and darker colors help camouflage the stains very easily.

It can be pretty expensive to frequently replace your nursing scrubs as they tend to get stained, ripped, or discolored very quickly. They don’t last forever, but if you know the right ways to take care of your uniform, they will last much longer than before.

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