How To Charge A VUSE Without Charger?

How To Charge A VUSE Without Charger
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VUSE Alto is particularly well-liked when it comes to affordable cigarettes. It comes with a battery of 350mAh which can last for quite a while.

If you use VUSE and maybe your VUSE charger is not found, it is lost here, then in such a situation, you may have trouble charging the composition. If you charge your vape or e-cig with any other charger then it is possible that it may get damaged.

Things You Should Know:

  • If you charge your VUSE or E-Cig with any other charger your battery may explode it usually happened many times so don’t try all this.
  • Buy a VUSE or E-Cigg charger from any store or retailer or gas station.
  • Many vapes have micro USB ports, so you can charge them with your Android data cable.

Why Using Another Charger is Dangerous

If you use any charger other than the Vape or E-Cigg, then it can spoil your Vape device, or the Vape’s battery can also explode.

The reason is that the charger of Vape uses 2.5 volts for sitting charging, while any Android phone charger uses 12 volts, which quickly charges the Vape and heats up the battery.

How To Charge A VUSE Without Charger?

In this article, We’ll share – how to charge a VUSE without charger. The e-cigarette is among the most sought-after products for youngsters and people who wish to stop smoking cigarettes.

1. Connect it to the laptop or wall

The vaporizer needs to connect to an electric supply before you are able to utilize it! The most effective method is connecting it to one of two connections An outlet of standard size (wall) that provides constant electricity, and laptop or PC docks for charging, which function as battery packs that can be carried around when connected via the cord.

This can help you recharge your device. It is one of the most well-known vaping devices that make use of a USB charging device to recharge the batteries. What can you do to charge the device without a charger? There are numerous ways to accomplish it! In this article look for an external source of power.

2. Plug in your Vuse to charge it

The VUSE is an innovative kind of device for mobile phones which can function as an e-cigarette or vaporizer. It has different attachments that can be used in bongs, pipes, and much more!

The battery life on this thing lasts forever so you never have to worry about being without your dose anytime soon Even if you’re not worried about the battery life, this product is always great to have on hand just in case! What can you do to charge your VUSE using a USB charger? There are many options for doing it!

3. Charge the VUSE using the help of a USB charger

It can be recharged portable vaporizer that is charged using a USB charger. What can you do to charge your VUSE using a USB charger? There are a variety of ways to do it! In this post, locate an external power source.

One of our preferred methods is to use a travel adapter for wall outlets on cell phones (or any other old cell phone). Simply plug one end port into the USB port on your vaporizer, and then connect the other port to any mobile phone that is old. This is an excellent method to charge your VUSE while keeping it nearby.

4. Make use of an AC adapter

An AC adapter is an ideal method to recharge your VUSE even when a traditional charger is in place.

The first step is to connect the adapter for your wall outlet to your USB port on the vaporizer, and then connect the other end to an old cellphone adapter for traveling (or the adapter you have that will fit).

How to charge a VUSE without charger with the use of laptop?

Here are a few steps to charge VUSE using a laptop charger:

Step 1 – Close all running apps and background activity on your laptop. This is necessary because when you share your power source with your VUSE, it will extract a lot of power and shut down your laptop even before the charging is complete.

Step 2 – Insert the micro USB port of your e-cigar into your laptop exactly like you would do to transfer any data. Once you see the blue light appear on your VUSE, you can leave both devices for some time before you remove and start using them.

Step 3 – Remember you can only use your portable machines like laptops only once for charging as mentioned earlier, e-cigar extracts a whole lot of amps in very little time. Also, it is recommended that you only use the original USB port to charge your VUSE.

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