How To Do Frog Squats Exercise, Key Benifits & Things To Consider

Frog Squat
Written by Neha Anand

Another great slimming exercise is called frog squats. So what you do is you get a squat position your feet are. Actually a little bit wider than shoulder-width.


What Is Frog Squat?

Frog squats are one of the most ancient exercises known to mankind. It is also one of the few that have consistently shown proven benefits over again. The basic concept behind the squat exercise is simple, all you do is grab onto the bars in front of you and with an explosive move, jump up into the air.


How To Do Frog Squats Exercise?

Here are the steps listed below just follow them carefully and perfectly and it’s all done.

Step-1. You’re going to do is you’re going to squat down.

Step-2. You’re going to put your elbows right on your knees put your hands together. So You don’t actually come up all the way in this move.

Step-3. You keep your cord tie and our back is flat so you don’t want to round forward. You want to come down low and come up low come up the whole time.

Step-4. You keep the same range of motion it’s like you’re a lever and you’re just up and down. The back is flat core is tight shoulders. stay back you’re going to feel this burn in your hamstrings and your glutes, and in your quads.

You can do this either to fatigue are do 15 to 20 reps 2 to 3 sets and after that, you should definitely feel a burn. so it’s a great exercise called a frog squat for a slimming workout.


Things, Keep In Mind While Doing This Exercise:

This can be a difficult exercise to do if you have never done it before but if you have a little bit of training under your belt, you will love the benefits of frog squats.


1. Using Your Hips Instead Of Your Legs:

Your legs should be just over your shoulders when you squat. As you come down from the height of your jump, your legs should be about three-quarters out of the air.

As you come down, your feet should be right at or slightly past your knees. That means that you should be bending your knees slightly while you are coming down.

Most people who do the squat exercise are actually using their hips instead of their legs, which can be beneficial because the hips help to take some of the weight off your lower back.


2. Concentrate On Keeping Up Your Chest

Another thing to keep in mind is that while you are doing your frog exercises, you should concentrate on keeping your chest up and not your face or your neck.

There are a lot of reasons why this is important:

  • one of the main ones is because of how much pressure is put on your lower back while you are doing the squat exercises.
  • keep your chest up and you will be able to protect your spine from any nasty shocks.
  • Also, doing these exercises can be a lot of fun too.

You might even find yourself wanting to do them more often!


What Are The Benefits Of Frog Squats Exercise?

Benefits Of Frog Squats Exercise

1. Benefits For Gluteus Medius

When I first learned about these exercises, I was a little skeptical. After all, who would want to have their legs out in the open and have them get some kind of workout? My friends were all laughing at me and my skepticism seemed to be taking a toll on me as well. But then I did just learn about gluteus medius and all the amazing benefits that it can give you. So after I got over my doubt, I started doing squats with my gluteus medius and boy did things start to change for me.


2. Building Up Your Quads

Now, here is another great reason why you should add frog squats into your routine. frog squats are great for building up your quads. Your quads act as an energy control center for your entire body. So by increasing the strength in your quads, you can really create a more explosive power for yourself when it comes to performing great squats that will send shock waves through the gym and really give you a workout as few other exercises can.


Wrapping Up:

So if you have been looking for a great leg workout, I highly recommend trying out squats. You can either perform them standing or with a chair. If you want to start with the chair, just sit on the edge and just squat down as deeply as you can. If you want to perform them standing, just get down to your knees and just squat as deep as you can.

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