How To Get Free Instagram Followers?

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If you search on Google how to increase Instagram followers for free, you will find many blogs that recommend you to use apps and tricks that help you get more followers.These tactics are great if you just want to increase the number of followers. That is, if you are only interested in having 15 thousand followers instead of a thousand.

For free, in this case, we replace it with organic. That is, what we are going to see now are techniques and app to increase free Instagram followers organically. They are free because they do not require money. But they do require some effort.

However, if your intention is to monetize these followers later, you are in the right place.

Using GetInsta


  • Product Name: GetInsta
  • Version: V2.0
  • Author: OrangeView
  • File Size: 3.5 MB
  • Device Requires: Android

GetInsta is a free app dedicated to help Instagram users get real and free Instagram followers & likes easily, quickly, and organically.

Main Features:

– 100% safe and clean, no virus
– Fully compatible with all Android phones
– Totally and unlimited free
– No password, no survey, no risk
– 100% real and active users, high-quality free followers and likes
– Instant and reasonable delivery, changes will be seen in 24 hours
– Support 16 multi-languages


How To Get More Free Followers & Likes

To get more free Instagram likes and followers, you need more coins. It is also free to earn more coins. Check the following steps to see how to earn more free coins.

Step 1: Login your account on GetInsta.

Step 2: Tap on “Get Coins” icon. Here you can see the like and follow task published by others. Liking a post you’ll get 20 coins instantly. You can skip any coin task you don’t like.

Get Coins

Step 3: Tap on Follow button, you’ll get 100 coins immediately.

Tap on Follow button


Diversity Of Content

To increase Instagram followers for free, you need to create engagement. But now engagement doesn’t just refer to likes and comments on posts in the News Feed.

As you well know, Instagram has the longest IGTV stories and videos in addition to wall posts.

So, if you want to entertain your audience and hit your profile visitors and potential new followers, you need to create quality content on all fronts: News Feed, Stories, IGTV.

It is no longer enough to count likes and comments. Now comments to stories, survey responses in stories, views to your videos on IGTV etc. also count.


Increase Engagement Times

If you have time, the most proven method to increase Instagram followers for free is to actively engage in your account.

This means taking the time to leave comments on follower posts, answer questions, and repost user-generated content.

If you are able to empathize with your followers and not just think about promoting products, then you are more likely to gain a loyal following that goes beyond social media.

So, as you can see, if you are able to create a deep relationship with your followers, they will be the ones to recommend you to other users and help you increase Instagram followers for free.

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