How To Highlight In Pages On Windows And Mac

How To Highlight In Pages On Windows And Mac
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How To Highlight In Pages On Windows And Mac: For people who consistently use the PDF format, it is undoubtedly helpful for people to know how to highlight in pages and color sentences and paragraphs. Whether you are an office worker, editor, student, or teacher, it can be highly beneficial to the paperwork.

For users who always use the Pages app on Mac to take notes and information, it is also an essential skill to know how to highlight content. Although you won’t find this feature directly on the home page, it’s a widespread feature for PDF document editing. It can help the user to achieve the function of emphasizing the theme now.

So, in this passage, we will present you the detailed methods on how to highlight in pages on the macOS system, including Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Also, if you are a Windows user and want to know the best way to highlight content in PDF documents, there will also be an alternative way for you.

You can try the recommended third-party software: WorkinTool PDF Converter. Or use an online PDF editing tool that is also available. All the methods we mention in this article can help you do this for FREE. You need to pick one and go with it.

In this article, you will find the following:

How to Highlight in Pages on Mac:

Created by Apple, the Pages app is powerful in dealing with all kinds of documents, including Word, Excel, and PDF. It works wonderfully on all Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Wherever you are, you can team up with your colleagues in real-time.

1. Pages App

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For a versatile text app like Pages, its highlight feature is no less than others. Users can click on the button, select a specific part of their desired text from the document and highlight it. You can also change the highlighted colors.

It supports users to create multiple colors in different places. And it is not just available on Mac. Users can also apply this feature to highlight any wanted text on iPhone or iPad. You can emphasize any part of the text and provide your own opinion. 


Feature in Use

  • First, launch Pages app and open your PDF document with it.
  • Select and cover the text content that you want to highlight later.
  • Click on Insert > Highlight on the menu, and your text will be highlighted.

Tricks: How to Change Highlight Color

If you don’t like the preset color, you can change it whenever you want. So, after highlighting the text, there are multiple colors for users to alter. You can use different highlighted colors on other parts of the text. Here are the methods to change the highlighted color on various text content on Pages.

  • Click View > Comments & Changes > Author Color.
  • Select the color that you want to switch to for highlights.

Highlight Text in Pages on iPhone or iPad

If you want to use the Pages app on iPhone or iPad to highlight the text, the actual steps are very similar to those on your Mac. Check out the following instructions to make it right.

  • First, launch Pages app on your iPhone or iPad and open the document you want to highlight text.
  • Select and cover the text content in the document.
  • Choose the Highlight option on the toolbar after you select the content and highlight them.

How to Highlight Text in PDF on Windows:

However, if you are more like a Windows user and want to know how to highlight in pages for Windows, here we recommend you use a PDF editor to make that happen. As you know, unlike before, it is not hard to find a PDF editing tool on the market now.

The real issue is finding one that is free and easy simultaneously among hundreds of different software. Of course, if you don’t mind the cost or the learning time, you can choose professional Adobe. Otherwise, we recommend trying another free PDF converter WorkinTool PDF Converter.

2. WorkinTool PDF Converter

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WorkinTool PDF Converter is a potent PDF editing tool that can help users do all the work. Don’t look down on it just because it is third-party software. You will be surprised by its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and super-easy steps.

More importantly, all the users can enjoy all the functions without any limit, which is why we want our readers to try it. Except for all the PDF editing features that Adobe has, WorkinTool PDF Converter has also integrated other functions and tools with it.

For example, you can also use it to convert PDF formats to other popular ones or manage the pages inside the PDF file. Users can operate PDF files while maintaining the PDF quality and users’ needs.

Feature in Use

If it is your first-time using WorkinTool PDF Converter, you will see that all the PDF features are mainly divided into three parts and placed on the main page that WorkinTool provides: Convert to/fromTool Box, and View & Edit. And the wanted PDF Edit feature is suitable in the View & Edit.

  • First, download and launch WorkinTool PDF Converter.
  • Find the PDF Edit option and click on it to upload your PDF file.
  • Click on the pin icon on the menu, and there are two highlighted options for users to choose from:
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Free form Highlights: Users can use a pen as a highlighter and draw on the text content they want to highlight in a PDF file.

Text Highlighter: Users only need to select a specific text word or sentences to make highlight effects and marks on them.

  •  Once you have highlighted the content you want, click download to save the PDF file to your original location.

If you are not satisfied with the highlighted details like color, transparency, brush thickness, or style, there are also options for users to change them according to their preferences or needs. All of those options are free to use.

Bonus: An Alternative to Highlight Text Content Online

In addition to the above two methods to help users understand how to highlight in pages, you can also seek the help of online tools to solve this problem. Compared with the other two methods, online tools are indeed convenient and fast to get the job done without downloading any software. You can open a browser and do all the jobs on it. However, the biggest issue for online products is file security as well as the limits. It is better to use one that you can trust. That is why we want to recommend: WorkinTool PDF editor online.

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It is entirely FREE for all the features, and you don’t have to worry about any hidden limits in there. The online editing tool is precisely the same as the original desktop. You can enjoy the same outstanding service on the browser as you do on the desktop.

  • First, open this Online website and input your PDF file.
  • Select the pin icon on the menu and choose one highlight mode you like.
  • Then, cover the content and make highlight on them.
  • Lastly, export this edited PDF document to your local computer.

Bottom Line

As we showed you in this post, it’s easy to learn how to highlight in Pages. And not just on a Mac, you can even use Pages to highlight text on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Besides the methods used to do it on Pages, we also increased one free way to highlight text in PDF documents on Windows.

So no matter what system your computer is in, you will have a matching approach to highlight text in your document. It also prevents you from not knowing where to start when you really need it. Come on and try it right now.

If you have any suggestions or problems, contact us anytime.

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